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Charts of the Portals II

Admit it – you had flashes of Genius yesterday or today, didn’t you!  You don’t think so?  Or rather, you didn’t Recognize them as Miracles?  No wonder, they’re fairly Routine for you, aren’t they.  997 more words


Charts of the Portals I

I’m behind, as there’s a lot going on…

  • Till at least 3:21 pm PDT 9 September 2020, Action and Energy are Lit Up (Mars Stationary in 29 Aries), the first of many astroevents in the…
  • 744 more words

The Most Important Thing 4

In the land of the Deaf, the One-Eared is King.

For the 22 May 2020 (9:30 am PDT) New Moon in 3 Gemini, which applies to the next several weeks, we’re back to the 10 May… 1,297 more words


Venus Enters Gemini

Venus inconjunct Rhadamanthus sextile Ixion (Yod or Finger of God, green highlights)

April 4, 2020, 9:11 pm CST

Venus walks up the smooth marble steps of the school, noticing how centuries of foot-traffic has worn them to a concave polish.  1,116 more words


Tumultuous Week 3

The dwarf planets, especially those out beyond Pluto, represent essential fragments of the Universal Unconscious, and by extension essential fragments of our Cultural and Personal Unconscious.  1,018 more words


Tumultuous Week 2

In the following table, we list the peak times for the coming astroevents.  The Energies are likely to build up in the days prior to the peak, then come to a head, then soften and fade into the background.  764 more words

The Big Picture

Tumultuous Week 1

The coming week will continue to be Tumultuous and then some, Up and Down and All Over the Place.  Till I have time to write about it, squint your eyes, look at this chart, and Ask yourself, “In a general kind of way, what might a chart like that imply?” 287 more words