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Choose Green: Have the courage to fail


What is it? Everyone has their own definition for ‘failure‘. For a Salesman, failure may mean not meeting a sales quota, for a criminal it may mean getting caught by law enforcement, a parent of a child who runs away from home may consider their self as a failure, a writer with few book sales, a 50+ year old who has not married, the attorney who has not become a Partner, a doctor with a dead patient due to a bad decision, the list can continue forever. 676 more words

What Is Authenticity, Anyway?

Authenticity is the buzzword these days. But what does it even mean? Many people believe authenticity is empowering, as in “be true to yourself.” But others argue that authenticity is negative, similar to “letting it all hang out.” These contradicting definitions help explain today’s mental health stigma. 594 more words