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Izaya has been declared Too Skinny by the Puerto Rican Skinny Patrol trainee

Spoiler alert for Durarara x2 Ten (season 3/middle of x2)

In case you missed it, Izaya Orihara is skinny. How skinny? His skinny jeans fit. And in case you didn’t know, my mother is Puerto Rican. 745 more words

Izaya Orihara

Start Your Engine (Shizaya|Drive AU) [PG-13]

(( This AU came to my head randomly and i just couldn’t stop thinking about it. Inspired on Halsey’s song Drive. Consists in putting your OTP in a car together for 72 hours, driving to nowhere in particular, and seeing what shenanigans they get into. 5,174 more words

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My earrings came in the mail the other week. I can take off the upper lobe earrings in a month, so I’ll wear star and moon studs together. 39 more words

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30 Day Anime Challenge: #9 - Your Favourite Anime Villain

Welcome, one and all, to day nine of the thirty day anime challenge! Today’s topic is … your favourite anime villain.

Ooh, now this is an interesting one. 428 more words

30 Day Anime Challenge

Izaya Orihara & Sushi Drawing

Izaya Orihara from Durarara!! is my favourite anime character at the moment. He likes tuna sushi so I drew him sitting on a big one. ^^


Izaya Orihara Cosplay

Izaya is my favourite character from the anime, Durarara!!

I’ve also done a cosplay for Shizuo. You can check it out here. :)


Hai domo, virtual blogger Tatsuya Ryuji desu! (That’s a legit original af intro XD) Welcome to what might be the second last day of my ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’. 372 more words