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Nature | Dutlu yol

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People With Depression Can Have A Good Day?

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Dutlu yol Selçuk Efes

By Sercan_cipli

Source: 500px.com


The Politics of a Word, I look Azerbaijani, and My First Day of High School (take two)

The next time someone asks me why on earth I want to learn Turkish, I have decided that my response will be, “because I want to learn Swahili.” Or Arabic. 2,263 more words


A glimpse of the "Borders and Refugees" International Cartoon Exhibition, Izmir [cartoons]

At the time of this publication, nearly 70,000 refugees from Syria, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan have settled in the ancient city of Smyrna, now known as Izmir [1]. 323 more words

Landscape | a boat

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İzmir / Turkey

By mehmet_emin_ergene

Source: 500px.com