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Green Apple Toffee Pie-lets.

Feel that crisp, cool air? Feels like fall is here! I know everyone gets all pouty that summer is coming to an end, but not me. 318 more words


Day 4, Afternoon Snack: IZZE Sparkling Grapefruit

1 part IZZE Sparkling Grapefruit

This isn’t a concoction of my own design, but another one of those sparkling grapefruit drinks like the San Pelligrino I had a few days ago. 215 more words


Pop Fizz Peach. 

This hot, steamy, humid weekend called for a serious cool-down concoction. I’ve seen this idea of adding popsicles to cocktails on Pinterest before, and this felt like the perfect time to try it out. 78 more words


A Izze Dash Button Limited Release

One of the recommended types of dash lightsis the Fury OX LED that was released in the beginning of 2009. It is relatively small which means that it is easy to carry and conceal. 250 more words

A Sparkling Spritzer.

Guys, let’s talk about wine spritzers — why does this drink get such a bad rap? I have to start this blog post with a shout out to my brother-in-law who inadvertently inspired this idea. 183 more words


Chicago | day 3

Day three was pretty chill since we had to pack, clean, and drive home. But this view made it worth it.

Gelato on the deck for breakfast. 79 more words

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