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Concession Stand

Even if you just want a casual night with friends, don’t cheat them and yourself out of some flavorful food. Set up a concession stand in your kitchen or on a nearby bar cart. 335 more words

Bar Cart

U oK? Mini Update 

So here we are in Edinburgh, Scotland.

You might be wondering why the hell we’re in Edinburgh, Scotland and not in Italy.

Here’s the deal. During our original planning and researching period, we were looking up visas and the laws about traveling in & out of all these countries, and we came across this thing called the Schengen area. 1,197 more words

Izze Juice

Izze Juice

So, I’ve only really had Izze’s Grapefruit Juice at Noodles, but I love it and I thought why not email??

So I did, and they sent me this cute & colorful little sticker, along with a little thank you for your feedback card.

Contact Here


Shout out! 

It’s been a while (again) since I’ve been here, posting on the blog. Life gets busy. Time is moving a little too quickly and between driving kids around, convincing them to do English with me, and still not working out any more here than anywhere else, time for blogging is rare. 1,096 more words

"I'm sorry life is so wonderful"

Quoted: my dad, as I was giving him one of the many goodbye hugs.
What a thing to say, right? But, I knew what he meant. 393 more words

About Us Page

Hola, Ciao, Halló

We’ve made an update to the About Us page with a little more information about our travel plans and a little bit more about us as students. 83 more words