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Cozy by J. Bradley

The surgeon left the top halves of a gaggle of Barbies in her mom’s bed to wake up with. Where are the bottom halves, the surgeon’s mom asked. 61 more words


Fictions from J. Bradley

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From Teenage Wasteland: An American Love Story

When you (or your tumors make you) drift off to sleep during class, you see another classroom, with the Math teacher on TV talking about how to calculate a body count during a war where American lives are lost, how the bodies with the non-preferred skin color aren’t factored in. 608 more words

Published Work

Two "Ribcage" Poems by J. Bradley

“The Ribcage Explains (Again) Why It Never Votes” and “The Ribcage Dreams of Dancing on a Grave (or Two)” are just two of five wonderfully surreal & acutely affecting ribcage-themed poems by… 161 more words


Poetry: Four Yelp Reviews by J. Bradley

Yelp Review: Boy Scout Troop 43

You will hold a flag, march through sweltering nervous systems: upper arms waggle in salute. There are patches for activities, a business card thin license to wield a knife: this is a tool for picking teeth clean, a magnifying glass to play God; the fire never answers. 300 more words