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J. Cheney Mason: The Casey Anthony Case

(Complete Casey Anthony Defense Team commenting on verdict)

J. Cheney Mason’s history of excellence in criminal defense courts along with outlandish personal actions continued in his most recent case as a co-counsel for accused murderer Casey Anthony. 241 more words

J. Cheney Mason

J. Cheney Mason: The Nelson Serrano Case

Lawrence Cunningham, the Henry St. George Tucker III Research Professor at The George Washington University Law School, gives the details of the famous Nelson Serrano case and the notorious problems stemming from a television interview done during the case in his book Contract in the Real World: Stories of Popular Contracts and Why They Matter. 579 more words

J. Cheney Mason

Background of a Leader in the Profession of Law: J. Cheney Mason

J. Cheney Mason wasn’t born into the discourse of law, being raised by fairly educated middle-class parents in rural Jacksonville, Florida. J. Cheney Mason had to go through every required part of the complex process of enculturation into the discourse of law. 331 more words

J. Cheney Mason

Did Casey Anthony’s Attorneys Just Get Caught With Their Hand In The Taxpayer Till?

Holy cow, the slimy defense team just got hoisted by their own petard and I’m thinking you folks in Florida need to start some major protesting! 526 more words


Casey Anthony Circus Knuckleheads Can't Help Themselves

I’ve pretty much gotten to the point of expecting all kinds of tomfoolery from these two, but I must say I’m always stunned at the lack of professionalism and the gross disdain they have for the judicial process, the folks connected to it and the public as well. 558 more words