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Should The US Go To War With Iran?

All we hear in the news these days is how Israel and Iran might go to war. Since Israel is considered a close ally of the US, this means the US might be close to entering another war. 410 more words

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What Are Some Good Springtime Gadgets?

PlayStation 3D Display

Do you ever have company over and decide to play a sports game but hate to play because your opponent can see the plays you are about to run? 605 more words

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What Is "Jailbreaking" And Why Should I Do It?

If you own an iPhone, you should jailbreak it.

iOS jailbreaking, further on referred to as jailbreaking, is the process of removing the limitations imposed by Apple on devices running the iOS operating system through the use of custom kernels (software). 404 more words

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Should I Calibrate My TV?

Most of us have either an LCD, LED, or plasma TV. What most men do not do is get there TV calibrated. Why get your TV calibrated you wonder? 205 more words

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How Do I Buy The Electronics That Are Right For Me?

If a new gadget comes out Monday, everyone runs out to buy it Tuesday. Why? There is no need for that. Men have to understand that they should not get caught in the unnecessary frenzy of new electronics. 472 more words

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What Are Dapper Gadgets That Should Be In Every Dapper Man’s Home?

Listen up my dapper friends. There are 10 items that every Dapper Man should have in his Dapper Home. If you want to consider yourself a Dapper Man, try getting these 10 Dapper items on this Dapper List to make… 813 more words

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Is Satellite Radio Worth The Money?

Let me end the debate today–yes, it’s worth it. Satellite radio is a must have. Yes, you have to pay a small fee every three months–but it’s worth it. 117 more words

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