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Comic Review: Strange Fruit #001 (2015)

Storytellers: J. G. Jones & Mark Waid, Art: J. G. Jones, Lettering: Deron Bennett

After the massive controversy surrounding the first issue of Strange Fruit… 1,213 more words


On Beginnings: Strange Fruit and Archie

I don’t like to review the first issue of a comic series, especially if the story’s not self contained. It feels too much like reviewing the first chapter of a book, the first half hour of a film or the first episode of a serialized tv show. 3,042 more words


BIN SIFTIN' with Rene LeClair: STRANGE FRUIT #1 (of 4)

BOOM STUDIOS – Writer/ Mark Waid    Artist/ J.G. Jones

I just finished reading this and I must say that I am simply stunned by J.G. Jones artistic skill. 1,073 more words

Fuck 'n Right

Review: Strange Fruit #1

(Boom! Studios 2015)

Storytellers – J.G. Jones and Mark Waid

Art –J.G. Jones

Lettering – Deron Bennett

Oy. This one is a hot potato for sure. 833 more words

Comic Book Reviews

What I thought of Strange Fruit #1

Just by the title alone this comic from BOOM! Studios is courting controversy and to be honest the synopsis is a tad dubious at best. 463 more words


Preview: Strange Fruit #1

Strange Fruit #1 (of 4)

Writers: J.G. Jones & Mark Waid
Artist: J.G. Jones

It’s 1927 in the town of Chatterlee, Mississippi, drowned by heavy rains. 96 more words