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Persona 5: Freaking Stylish- Review


THE PERSONA SERIES has been on my radar but it was always one of those games that I never felt the need to play. 2,724 more words

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Happy 6 Year Anniversary- Life Rant

TODAY IS OUR 6 year anniversary! I wanted to leave this here, as a memory. A quick post, as I remember the days we’ve spent together up till now, so we can look back at this in the years to come. 404 more words

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The Novelist: Stealth & Emotion- Review

I’M NOT VERY FOND of stealth games. Metal Gear. Assassin’s Creed. Anything that has to do with sneaking, blending into the shadows, and being unseen in order to kill/assassinate/knockout, just isn’t my thing. 1,374 more words

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SteamWorld Dig: So Close to Perfection- Review

SIDE SCROLLING ACTION games use to be my go to games. Super Mario. Metroid. Contra. Now, with the graphic capability of consoles reaching near realistic heights, 2D graphics are fading in lieu of 3D models. 1,367 more words

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Dragon Ball Super: My Issue with Caulifla and Kale- Opinion

CAULIFLA AND KALE are the first female Super Saiyans in Dragon Ball Super. I was initially excited when I heard the news! I have been waiting for a female Super Saiyan ever since the introduction of Pan in… 1,614 more words

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2018 GOALS: Stop Saving the Best for Last- Life Rant

2017 WAS A PRETTY rough year. My uncle took his own life in February. We found out that my cousin was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, like a month later. 1,595 more words

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In Memoriam: Sean- Life Rant

HAVE YOU EVER lost a loved one? A family member? A friend? How did you deal with it?


2017 HAS BEEN ONE… 1,772 more words

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