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With finishing up writing Utopia and getting it ready to be published I’ve struggled to get too much reading done at late. But I thought I’d share with you the most recent book’s I ticked off my TBR list and what I thought of them. 502 more words

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Seeing Thestrals

As I’ve watched my friends grieve the death of those closest to them over the last several years, and more recently just this week, the idea of seeing Thestrals (Harry Potter-inspired magical creatures) suddenly became a lot more “real” to me.   335 more words


Episode 33: Witches Be Basic

Join Elayna, Lizzie, Megan, and guest host Hayley for a thorough evaluation of all the headlines in the opening scene of Fantastic Beasts, a look at how the state of Paris before WWII could effect future films, and discuss the crazy legend of the Hairy MacBoon. 211 more words


Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone - J.K. Rowling

‘STOP! I FORBID YOU!’ yelled Uncle Vernon in panic.
Aunt Petunia gave a gasp of horror.
‘Ah, go boil yer heads, both of yeh,’ said Hagrid. 720 more words


If anyone ever tells you to give up…

J.K. Rowling was turned down by several publishers before anyone really took the Harry Potter series seriously. She was ignored, and passed over by many people that missed out on the magic. 71 more words

The Pokémon Go Tag

We’ll just pretend that the Pokémon Go craze isn’t over and that I’m not six or seven months late posting this tag.

Even when it was in its height I never got into Pokémon Go although two of my friends were obsessed with the game, and one of them still is. 1,153 more words

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