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Episode 47: Fantastic House Elves

Hosts Ariel, Aurelia, and Claire are here to welcome new host Amy, and discuss all the exciting Fantastic Beasts casting information that was recently released! Check out Episode 47 for this, an analysis of Newt’s travel application, and an awesome history lesson about the first flight from NYC to Paris! 196 more words


Week 103 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good morning, fellow readers.

I’m so glad to announce that I somehow read five books this week, who would have said it? Definitely not me. But anyways, I’m here waiting for my country’s newest Census and hoping that my aunt’s dog won’t bit me in the process, I’m not writing in my regular scenario but my granny’s living room and it smells like old sheets cleaned up with detergent, besides I’m currently about to sneeze cuz I didn’t take my allergies’ pill so wish me good luck in this self destructive path filled with bacteria. 1,223 more words

Weekly Read

BỘ SÁCH HARRY POTTER (bản đặc biệt)

Từ hình ảnh chiếc mũ phân loại đến vẻ nham hiểm của giáo sư Snape hay màu tóc đỏ rực đặc trưng của Ron, họa sĩ Jay Kim đã mang đến cho người đọc những hình ảnh vô cùng rực rỡ và sinh động trong phiên bản sách ảnh của phần một bộ truyện “Harry Potter và Hòn đá phù thủy” & “Harry Potter & Phòng Chứa Bí Mật”.

Văn Học Nước Ngoài

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - Illustrated Edition

As with Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets illustrated edition, I couldn’t not write about this book. I’ll skip all the spiel about how beautiful these illustrated editions are and just show you :) 85 more words

Book Reviews

Ruth and Martin's Album Club

Hardback, Unbound, £14.99, out now

A really interesting conceit here, and well executed; Ruth and Martin’s Album Club is a compendium of record reviews – the twist being that each one is being judged by a celebrity who is hearing it for the first time. 300 more words


Problems in Harry Potter

Okay! I accept that there was a time when I used to be literally mad on Harry Potter. In those times I wanted so hard to believe there was a real Hogwarts. 467 more words


BookTalk event, 30th October 2017: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

Following on from our last event celebrating Harry Potter’s 20th anniversary, the next BookTalk of the year will continue the focus on contemporary children’s literature with a discussion of Mark Haddon’s prizewinning novel… 345 more words