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Current Movie Controversies - La La Land and Passengers

Josh and I love to go to movies together.  It’s really great going with him because afterwards we always have pretty deep conversations about what we liked and disliked about the movie, plot line and the greater picture it created.  428 more words


Not you too Facebook!

Facebook used to be cute, asking me what’s on my mind, or telling me wet weather is expected and to stay dry. Like a sad, behind the scenes friend. 171 more words


"Passengers" isn't Awful, but Troubling Thematic Threads are Worrying

The news about this film has been troubling to say the least. By now the secret is out, the “twist” has hit the internet and riled people up. 901 more words


[Mix-Tape Review] J- Law X P.U.S.H. [Written By Brandon Williams]

Baltimore Hip-hop artist J-Law recently published his 4th solo project entitled, P.U.S.H: The EP. PUSH is a mnemonic device meaning “Pray Until Something Happens” and, in this writer’s opinion, this album is what true hip-hop fans could consider a breath of fresh air in alternative to the current direction the rap music scene has been heading lately. 348 more words


Care less,love yourself more

The  ultimate  lady  crush, Jennifer  Lawrence !Don’t  you  just  love  her  hair  and  make  up. This  suicide  blonde  born  in  1990 is  my  other  favourite  person, we  all  know  her  for  her  roles  in  “The  Hunger  Games”  “Silver  Linings  Playbook”  “Joy”  and  “Winter’s  Bone”  so  far  one  of  the  most  hardworking  actresses  today. 571 more words

Greetings from Panem!

So it took a sandwich to teach me that “Panem” means bread and circuses.

And this is a far better Panem to visit than the one from The Hunger Games. 391 more words


Lessons from the Movie: "Joy" Starring Jennifer Lawrence

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I have been meaning to watch this movie since the very first time I saw its trailer. I knew right there and then that I could relate to the main character-Joy, played by actress Jennifer Lawrence. 830 more words