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Reading the Enemy

Yesterday was Anzac Day, a day set aside to commemorate those fallen in war. It is also a time of nationalistic rhetoric.

I finally got to read Shigeru Mizuki’s 1973 manga ‘Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths.’ Mizuki was born in 1922 and was drafted into the Imperial Japanese Army in 1942 and sent to New Britain (now Papua New Guinea). 637 more words

30 Day Reading Challenge


We are not dead :D We have just not been active in the world of literature. We’ve been running low on our inspiration but we’re back now! 425 more words

Book Club

"i do believe in fairies!"

“you don’t mean to tell me that there is a fairy in this room!”

i credit my dad with my obsession with peter pan.

of course i grew up watching (repeatedly) the classic disney animated version. 1,461 more words

Faerie Tale Feet

F is for Fawn

Welcome to Fairies on Friday here at Baby Gates Down!

A few years ago I had this idea about doing weekly fairy posts because my eldest was so big on them. 542 more words

April A To Z Challenge

Pan: All Style No Substance

If there was ever a time I was thoroughly underwhelmed by a film that the trailers had hyped up so much, it would be Joe Wright’s Pan. 864 more words