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Turner at the Acropolis

Sadly, as previously noted on Tigerloaf, England’s greatest painter never visited the Cradle of the Arts. This highly Romantic vision of the Acropolis was achieved in 1830, based on a drawing by the architect Thomas Allason and coloured by Turner’s vivid sensibility. 28 more words



Venus ventures far from view,
across miles of unfamiliar ceiling,
until she finds me, lucid in a northern bed;
too new to know which direction I face, 71 more words

Tess Kincaid

Sublime views from the cave

Digital doodles, tapping into my interest in altar pieces from Medieval and Renaissance times. I love the iconic value of Christian art – didactic images with doctrine inscribed. 213 more words


Grown Up (Over 40 Everything)

This post was about an exhibition, but the exhibition – which was phenomenal – is long gone now.  Today, looking at these photos I remember how I had recently attained this new haircut when we went to the Turner show. 431 more words

Athens: the Acropolis, c.1830

Another of Turner’s imaginative views of Greece, from the Tate.


Turner in Greece

Actually England’s greatest painter, whose tireless search for scenes and subjects took him on dozens of prolific painting tours through the Continent, never reached the home of the Gods. 55 more words