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Babylon 5 In Depth - A Primer

Why do people always ask “Star Trek or Star Wars”? That’s a question that overlooks some real tyrants of the sci-fi scene and there are more than enough of us who can rattle off a few dozen series, films, perhaps books, and even computer games (why not, it’s a valid art form) that equal or exceed them both for quality. 786 more words


Sturdy and Sure: The Stake that Supports Our Loved Ones

“Celebrate a friend’s victory. There is more than enough room in the universe for all of us to do well.” – Dawn Onley

By Dawn Onley… 476 more words

Netflix Sets Premieres For 'Sense8' Christmas Special & Season 2

Merry Christmas. Just in time for the holidays, Netflix has announced premiere dates for the special Christmas episode of Sense8, as well as the launch of the second season of sci-fi thriller series’ executive produced by Lana Wachowski, Grant Hill and J. 159 more words

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Friday Snippet #104

“A good story should provoke discussion, debate, argument…and the occasional bar fight.”

— J. Michael Straczynski


Quote of the Day

There are those who seem to feel they have no choice about being jerks in the present because they had a crappy childhood. Well, that’s the definition of childhood; nobody gets out alive. 22 more words

Review: Dream Police #11


Writer: J. Michael Straczynski

Artist: Sid Kotian

Color: HíFí

Letters: Troy Peterí

Making yourself an asset to your employer is usually a good thing. Unless you are Joe Thursday, and you work for the Dream Police. 547 more words

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Everything Wrong With: "Spider-man: One More Day"

Hello interweb, Nate here!  So I’m going to try a SuperheroSins article on an actual comic!  One weakness I’ve been noticing about these SuperheroSins is that they primarily rely on YouTube videos for it to work.  3,165 more words