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A message from Captain America

For those of you who don’t like comics, for those who like this form of expression and the like.

For those who doesn’t mind for a strong message and choose to stand up and believe. 14 more words


I was very clear that I wanted to keep ‘Thor’ out of...

I was very clear that I wanted to keep ‘Thor’ out of the rest of the Marvel universe for no less than the first six issues. 21 more words

J. Michael Straczynski

We are not powerless. We have tremendous potential for good or ill. How we choose to use that power is up to us; but first we must choose to use it.

32 more words

Sense8: Gritty and Fantastical (Recommendations)

Imagine if you could not only read somebody else’s mind, but actually share minds with various people from every corner of the world. They would be total strangers to you if not for this bizarre connection which allows you to know them intimately – sometimes a little too much so – and to share your abilities and knowledge among each other. 690 more words

J Michael Straczynski

Spider-Man 9/11 Issue

On a day like 9/11 you have to take a minute to sit back and reflective not only on the tragedy that everyone alive witnessed that day but on life itself. 812 more words

Review: Babylon 5

I can’t believe we’ve had this blog up for this long without a single one of us doing a review of one of the greatest science fiction television shows of all time, … 1,127 more words


TV Review: "Sense8"


OVERALL: Holy Toledo Blades people, this is a production made by J. Michael Straczynski (JMS) and The Wachowskis (or as I like to call them The Wachowski Sibs). 527 more words

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