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Ninja Assassin (2009, dir. James McTeigue)

An international police agency investigation uncovers the existence of a secret society of ninjas. Clumsy backstory and some awkward plotting aside, this is enjoyable and well-directed action fluff, with gonzo fight scenes galore and much spectacular CG-augmented gore.


Trying to lead ...

I rather liked this . . . A great take on leadership, with thanks to J. Michael Straczynski, author of The Amazing Spider-Man …

Aunt May: If a lion broke out of its cage at the zoo, and bit you, it would hurt, sure, and you’d be upset, of course. 142 more words


Book Review: The Amazing Spiderman: The Book of Ezekiel by J. Michael Straczynski

Goodreads Synopsis:

Peter delves further into the totemic origin of his powers when the enigmatic Ezekiel returns! Is he truly Peter’s mentor and ally, or something more? 169 more words

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Grieving Sense8's Cancellation, and Finding Hope in the Dark

Sense8 gave me hope for humanity, and its cancellation took that away. The show follows eight people around the world who realize they share a psychic connection and must fight an organization intent on hunting them down. 1,262 more words


A Beginner's Guide to 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'

With a successful reboot under his belt, it’s time we delved into some of the stories that helped inspire the film. Here are some recommendations for anyone (fanboy to layman) who loved… 361 more words


The shock of realistic television

A good many of the folks I follow on Tumblr are fans of the show Sense8. As you do when a lot of your friends love something, I watched the first episode a few weeks ago. 640 more words

Where No Shadows Fall

Any visitor to this site knows that I’m a massive Babylon 5 fan.

I love the show.

Love it.

As sacrilegious as it is to some science fiction fans, … 464 more words

Babylon 5