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The shock of realistic television

A good many of the folks I follow on Tumblr are fans of the show Sense8. As you do when a lot of your friends love something, I watched the first episode a few weeks ago. 640 more words

Where No Shadows Fall

Any visitor to this site knows that I’m a massive Babylon 5 fan.

I love the show.

Love it.

As sacrilegious as it is to some science fiction fans, … 464 more words

Babylon 5

We Can Be Heroes 1 : Sense8 is Enough!

 Tracey: The Wachowskis! Do you dare take their magic pills of progressive truth once again? Your very synapses will be blown away by the heart-pounding tale of eight people who can tap into each other’s senses, even though they’re scattered all over the world. 623 more words


Sense8:Season Two

I am five episodes(including the Christmas special) into the new season of Sense8 on Netflix, and its good. Very good.

I loved the first series. In my opinion in one of the best series of TV I’ve ever seen. 302 more words


Sense 8 Season 2 (2015-?)

Sense 8 Season 2 (2015-?)




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Doona Bae

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Tuppence Middleton

Max Riemelt… 278 more words

TV Show Reviews

Sense8 Season2: So Many Questions

I’m really not at all interested in reviewing or analyzing Sense8 again, but I would like to get mah nerds into a discussion about the ENORMOUS plot holes, and the weird turns this in-spite-of-it-all-compelling show has taken. 1,794 more words


I am we.

I just finished Season 2 of Sense 8 last night, and it’s officially my favorite show of all time. Here are my ramblings (and this is by no means a review of the show) … :) If you’ve not yet seen it, you absolutely must. 857 more words