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First Black Champ: Bang, Beans and Belts

J.R Bang’s Birthday is May 21st, so we had to do this right!

We pay homage to the Great Macho Man Randy Savage, we take Beanie Sigel breaks and figure out who is the “Beans in his Prime” wrestler. 22 more words

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First Black Champ: They Should Have Gave Saudi Arabia Ass Tito Santana vs. KoKo B Ware

Cam finally saw the Andre The Giant Documentary so it was only right that we finally talk about it. The Greatest Royal Rumble happened and it was long AF and super EH! 22 more words


First Black Champ: The Shake Up Is Upon Us

Wrestlemania is a wrap and we talk about that and how one of us definitely over expected. Did Brock Do Brock Business? Is Roman Reigns too entitled? 21 more words


The First Black Champ Inaugural Jobber Hall Of Fame

It’s Wrestlemania and we made some prediction changes! Find out why and how it affects the GuranDAMNTee’s this week!

We also talk WWE Takeover New Orleans and how Bang Believes’s it some of the best matches and best Takeover, EVER! 42 more words


First Black Champ: So Everybody Was Getting Me Too'ed In The WWF

We talk more Wrestlemania setup, but the real content is in the alleged atrocious actions of Fabulous Moolah and Pat Patterson. If you were a woman in wrestling, you may have been pimped. 50 more words


First Black Champ: WitCho Me Too'in' Ass!

Fast Lane is tonight and your best bet would be to enjoy it for what it is. So we decided to give you game on Jon Coachman and being the Me Too era and who it really effects. 25 more words


Bangin On Lunch Tables: That 50 Cent Energy

50 Cent knows Rick Ross is on Life Support and he does not give one single fuck! Find out why respect that but don’t really have much respect at all for DJ Akademiks. 20 more words

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