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When Sam Gamgee Wrote to J.R.R. Tolkien

As far as I know, no one named Puddleglum or any Pevensie has ever written to C.S. Lewis. Has anyone named Ged or Arha ever written to Ursula K. 892 more words

C.S. Lewis

Unfolding Tales - New Musical coming to the Stockwell Playhouse

Everyone knows of the novels of renowned author J.R.R Tolkien, but does anyone really know his story? The journey to become a celebrated figure was not an easy one, full of heartbreak, grief and the torment of war. 398 more words

Quote: Faithless

I’m reading Fellowship again and the timing seems so right. It’s like the book is speaking to my very soul. Honestly, people who don’t read are missing out on the healing powers of fantasy. 33 more words


That Unearthly Aroma: My Favorite Kind of Horror Story

In the summertime, when I was a child, dozens of spiders would congregate on the ceiling of our carport just above the back door.

There were large spiders and small spiders, web-spinners and hole-hiders, and perhaps even a wolf spider or two, but the most numerous were the ones we called granddaddy longlegs: round bodies the size of pinpoints surrounded by long, spindly legs thinner than fishing wire.  3,285 more words

Lewis, Tolkien, and the Creative Power of Music

Music is powerful. Something inherently in music provides peace and joy amidst stress and turmoil. At least that is the experience I have when listening to music. 788 more words


Twenty Years of Harry Potter

Yes, I’m a day late (it was first published on the 26th of June), but it is the twentieth anniversary of Harry Potter.

I was at the end of my schooling when… 307 more words


An Appreciation of Harry Potter

Twenty years ago today, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was published. This is a pretty big deal — seeing as the Harry Potter books were (and are) a publishing phenomenon like none that has ever existed — but a certain amount of cynicism has cropped up regarding the books. 1,089 more words