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J Rabbit (제이레빗) - Wonderful World

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작사/편곡: 제이레빗 | 작곡: 정다운
Lyricist/Arranger: J Rabbit | Composer: Jeong Da-un

여기를 보아도 저기를 보아도 335 more words


Valid Love OST: Don't Know Why - J Rabbit

Will you wait a bit?
I need some time
How could you do this?
I’m waking up this strange courage with an anxious heart

There’s no way… 137 more words

Valid Love

Instagram, anyone?

It’s four in the morning and I had to stop eating my breakfast because the cream cheese I used was apparently bad even though it’s brand new. 156 more words

Learning Korean

Study changes, maybe?


There is nothing like opening up a fresh, new notebook. NOTHING. I’m convinced.

After work I was cruising through the stationary aisle (😱 the dangerous stationary aisle!!) for some Frixion pens and noticed these notebooks were on sale. 114 more words

Learning Korean

“Enjoy the happy imaginations. Don't forget happy happy things.” - J Rabbit

I may not speak that much Korean but love and happiness is a universal language. That’s what J Rabbit are about. They’re an Indie Korean two piece who we managed to see at Grandmint festival. 332 more words