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Israel’s schoolyard bully gets caught with mud on his face

After months of antagonizing rhetoric and mud-slinging, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu finds himself backed into a corner. His usual bravado and fire and brimstone warnings, complete with the ever-present ticking bomb sketch, have fallen flat on the ears of the international community. 728 more words


Iran deal: J Street’s latest example to undermine Israel’s security and support

by Jonathan Greenberg
July 16, 2015

J Street is neither liberal nor pro-peace. It is anti-Israel.

Since its formation shortly after the election of President Obama, J Street – the leftist group that supports American pressure on Israel to force one-sided concessions in the peace process – has functioned as little more than a pawn of Administration policy. 92 more words

Israel & Middle East

Jews Against Themselves, by Edward Alexander [EXCERPT]

by Edward Alexander
June 22, 2015

Jews Against Themselves is about the new forms taken by Jewish apostasy in an age when Jewish existence is threatened more starkly and immediately than at any time since the Hitler era.  121 more words

Israel & Middle East

J Street Attacks Sheldon Adelson and Me About BDS

A funny thing happened last Sunday. In a mass email, J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami attacked me, Sheldon Adelson, and Christians United for Israel for working to counter BDS at a Las Vegas Summit convened by Dr. 1,191 more words

American Jews: The Last Leftist Jews in the World

by Daniel Greenfield
May 18, 2015

Clip on a nametag, pick up a paper cup of lukewarm water and you can sit down in the audience at a thousand liberal Jewish establishment panels where the likes of Peter Beinart or Jeffrey Goldberg will sanctimoniously lecture their bored audience on the growing gap between American Jews and Israel.  91 more words


al-Nakba Day on Capitol Hill

Today I visited Washington, DC where the Capitol Building is getting a facelift. My goal was to connect with staff in each of the offices of the New Mexico delegation to talk about al-Nakba. 653 more words