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Learning By Teaching

Music major Tim O’Sullivan is a sophomore in the University of Missouri’s School of Music. He is normally taught by world-renowned instructors. However, the conductors in his Tuesday morning ensemble are still learning their craft. 204 more words


Sorry Lady Gaga, I'm a "papa-papaNOTzi"

Okay, maybe I’m not as bad as I’m making myself out to be. *shrugs*

This week in lab we finally got to go out into the real world! 486 more words


The Lens Cap Was On, Part 2: The Struggle Continues

I can now somewhat operate a camera. Somewhat. Given enough time, and a patient subject, I can actually generate some pretty acceptable photos. Maybe I… 329 more words


Sequencing in RJI

Metroid Prime and Dr. Seuss; what else does a journalism student need?


J2150 Blog #5

Blogs like this are sometimes the hardest to get 500 words from, considering that there is no given topic to write about. However, this week’s should be relatively easy for me, as it was one of the biggest weeks of my journalism career. 501 more words


When Things Go Viral

It is amazing how quickly media travels and how many people are exposed to it. One minute I was scrolling through my twitter feed reading about how my friends back in Texas were freaking out about the color of a dress being perceived differently by different people (you can read about that… 175 more words


Tuba? Or Not Tuba?

Music major Tim O’Sullivan has a busy schedule. He starts every day with an 8 a.m. class and is taking 19 credit hours this semester. Despite his grueling schedule, the sophomore makes time for one more ensemble on Friday afternoons. 77 more words