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Multimedia as a Tool of Immersion

For this assignment, I analyzed the article “From Sea to Sand” by Peter Gwin and photographed by Anastasia Taylor-Lind, published in National Geographic.

This article was extremely successful in using the multimedia elements of text, photo packages, and video in immersing the reader into the story. 333 more words

Real Person Photo

Hello all!

Over the next few weeks, I am taking a multimedia journalism course here at Mizzou. I am already loving it and will be posting several assignments on my blog for my instructors and peers to see. 176 more words

Multimedia News Package "Bruno Mars and Kendrick Lamar Win Big at a Political Grammys" By NYT

This multimedia news package, includes videos, pictures and texts, wrapped up the latest Grammy Awards that just happened.

I think it is a really good example of covering a significant event in an efficiently and orderly manner. 225 more words


Blog Post #1: Multimedia Elements

New York Times: More than 160 women say…

The piece starts off with these impactful words: “More than 160 women say Larry Nassar sexually abused them. 370 more words

Chinese Partnership Allows MU to Expand Cultural Education

Karina Galve is thinking about how to walk from her friend’s house to hers in Mandarin Chinese in the Mandarin level two class.

The MU Confucius Institute was established in 2011. 460 more words


Five Photos

Welcome to the Niobrara Farms

Columbia Farmers’ market is a place where you can find a sense of community, fresh-produced products, and friendly and amusing people. 371 more words


NPR Final Project

ANCHOR INTRO (Quick Setup for Story) : Sometimes, music and fine arts education is first on the chopping block when school districts are making budget cuts. 297 more words