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J2150 Blog #3: Instructor Skills

For my multimedia course, we are required to keep a blog. As a portion of my personal blog I am sharing content from the journalism class. 74 more words


J2150 Blog #2: Responses to Other Students

“At least one dead, buildings destroyed as Hurricane Harvey drenches central Texas coast,” Links to an external site. is a Washington Post article in which the author utilizes text, videos and a photo package to convey the timeliness, importance and severity of the hurricane in Texas. 575 more words


J2150 Blog 1

For the multimedia piece I’ll be looking at for this blog post I picked this piece by the Guardian that talks about the rescue and release of a Snares penguin who was found more than 2000km or 1200 miles away from home. 527 more words

Multimedia Elements: North Korea

The New York Times took a heavily politicized, sensitive topic and transformed it into a multimedia piece that effectively communicates both reassurance and education to the American reader. 519 more words


Journalism 2150 Blog post 1

For this assignment, I chose the New York Time’s Your Photos of A Solar Eclipse’s Journey Across America .

The story starts with a large data visualization of the eclipse’s journey across the United States on August 21st. 327 more words