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J2150 Blog Post #11

Do you plan to stay in the Journalism school? If so, why?

I’m not sure I can get 500 words out of this, but I doubt it matters anyway. 125 more words


The End

It’s kind of hard to believe that this is the last week of class. It feels like it was just last week when I walked into the computer lab and was told not to eat or drink anything in there because Mizzou would hunt me down and fine me. 229 more words


J2150 Blog Post #10

Creating content that matters. What you learned about telling a story this semester.

In this class, I learned so much about how to create the best story possible. 236 more words


Time a wastin' and summer approachin'

I CAN’T WAIT FOR SUMMER. Not because I won’t be busy; I will be. Not because I won’t be working; I’ll be working twice as much. 199 more words

J2150 Blog

Technology in Journalism

I started studying journalism because I liked writing, not because I enjoy coding.

I spent most of our computer-related classes in high school playing bubble shooter. 113 more words


J2150 Blog Post #9

Trusting others in the group to work together. How collaboration with other members of the team you’re relying on to help do great work is stressful but rewarding. 202 more words


My Resume

“Just try and break the other guy’s hand when you shake it; you’ll get whatever job you want.” -Grandpa