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Storytelling Through A Lens

This week’s blog post is based off of an interview that The New York Times conducted with Brian Storm, founder of MediaStorm. A transcript of the interview can be found… 240 more words


This Is What I Want To Do

In last week’s blog post I wrote about my thoughts concerning all that happened at Mizzou and the national attention our university received. I shared a link to my post on Facebook and a few of my friends shared it, then some of my friends’ friends shared it, and so on. 442 more words


J2150 Blog Post #7

Although I didn’t get as embroiled in the recent events on campus as some of my peers, the protests still pushed me to consider how major events are covered, the weight and fragility of journalistic decisions in the face of a movement of such import. 213 more words


J2150 Blog Post #6

If I had to pick a profession under the banner of multimedia, it would be as a narrative filmmaker. It’s something I’ve considered in the past and talked about often with my friends — we’ve passed around ideas for various short movies and small projects before, but our chats have never led to any real planning.  257 more words


Tiger Garden - TV Style Video


Tiger Garden Offers MU Students Real-World Experience

By: Sarah Sabatke

Tiger Garden is MU’s campus floral shop, located in the Agriculture building. The shop is entirely student-run, allowing freshmen to seniors real-world business and management experience. 29 more words