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College Students are Loving West Main Pizza

There is a fun new app call steller that allows users to tell story with a unique interface! I decided to give it a try and do a small story on college students and their love for the newest pizza place in Columbia, Missouri.


Final Thoughts on J2150A

As my summer class for journalism comes to a close I can’t help but remember about the night before the class actually began back in May. 522 more words


West Main Taking on Jefferson City and Columbia

West Main Pizza originally started out as a family owned pizzeria located in Jefferson City, Missouri. Recently the family owned pizzeria decided to open up another shop in Columbia. 26 more words


Multimedia Aspects of The Orlando Shooting

I was sitting on my couch scrolling through social media and then all of the sudden by storm there was tweet’s,text and facebook posts all regarding the horrific Orlando Shooting. 394 more words


Video Assignment on West Main Pizza

This week I went and filmed the process of how pizzas are made at West Main Pizza in Columbia, Missouri.


Columbia considering proposal to increase enforcement of tobacco laws

This week I researched and cultivated a story on the new tobacco proposal made at City Council. Columbia is unique in that the age limit to purchase any tobacco products is 21, and the FDA has discovered businesses to be in violation of this law on multiple occasions. 66 more words


Audio Presence in News Organizations

I never noticed the importance of good audio until it was brought to my attention. When thinking about the importance of audio, I truly understand why it is so necessary to have excellent audio. 342 more words