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Halfway Home

We are halfway done in J2150. It is weird seeing that typed out in front of me, because it still feels like we just started. Some similarities between Week 1 and Week 9: 260 more words


Spring break homework assignments are fun too

Writing a blog post during spring break is fun too, I guess. It’s gonna be a short one this week for two reasons: we didn’t do much, and I’m about to go to Pinnacles with my dad. 180 more words


You Are What You Tweet

In this week’s lecture, Judd Slivka, a convergence professor at the j-school, discussed the importance of what we tweet.

Isn’t it funny how just a few years ago, people were quick to brush off another new form of social media, and now it’s one of the most important ways of sharing content? 245 more words


Natpack Assignment

Aaron McMurry is a sophomore Architectural Studies major at Mizzou and works two jobs to pay the half of his tuition his parents don’t cover. Here he discusses balancing work and school, as well as finding time to do things for fun.


Shooting video

So this week we had to shoot video in in our lab section. It’s THE most stressful thing I’ve ever had to do. Ever.

This is coming from someone who went to college during high school, and that was pretty darn stressful. 226 more words


The J-School Workout

Do you constantly find yourself out of breath when interviewing someone? Are your arms fatigued after you finally put the camera down? Do you dread walking across campus with a tripod? 275 more words


Photojournalism Ethics

A common theme in the journalism classes I have taken at MU so far is a concentration on ethics. If students learn wonderful techniques with photographing, writing, editing, etc., none of itĀ matters if we don’t have an understanding of our ethical duties. 128 more words