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Andrew “Teg” Tegethoff, 20, tells his story about how he started playing guitar. He plays 10-12 hours weekly to relax.


Blog #5 Multimedia in Traditional media outlets vs Non-Traditional media outlets

As technology grows and innovations are never ending the media outlets change as well. What used to just be newspaper and radio, turned into broadcast has now become a million different websites and news at your fingertips in the blink of an eye. 148 more words


CNN Coverage of Charlotte, NC Protests

‚ÄčLink to story: http://www.cnn.com/2016/09/22/us/tulsa-charlotte-shooting-protests/index.html

If you were to simply view the video of this news coverage, you would be left with many questions and assume the protests in Charlotte, NC escalated entirely into riots, which is not the case. 354 more words


Shooting for Humans of Columbia

As I’ve revealed before–though it isn’t such a secret–I am intimidated about shooting out in the field. However, “intimidated” doesn’t cover the anxiety of having to interview a stranger. 206 more words


Humans of Columbia

When we were assigned the Humans of Columbia project, I didn’t worry too much. It seemed fairly straight forward and simple. You shoot footage of three people with a brief interview from each and then splice it all together in a video. 335 more words


Blog #4: Multimedia in Traditional Media Outlets

Traditional media outlets, they have been the main news source since before I was alive. When I think of traditional media the first things that come to mind are newspapers and the daily news at 6pm. 182 more words