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Who Are You?

Joseph Campbell, the renown Explainer-of-Myths, has made the comment, “The mystic is swimming in the same water that the psychotic is drowning in.”  Both the Mystic and the Psychotic… 556 more words



The author Lauren Groff wrote a short story (the name of which escapes me at the moment) in which the following is said: “There’s the man who hisses nasties as he stands under the light outside a bodega with bars over its windows.  584 more words


Making Changes

I was watching an episode of “My 600 Pound Life” in which a woman had come to the realization that she could no longer eat the foods that she had eaten all of her life.  638 more words



One day Jenny suddenly announced to us that she was going to leave Savannah, Georgia and move to Maui!!  Being envious many of us peppered her with: “Where on Maui will you live?”  Answer: “I don’t know.”  “Do you have a job there?”  “No.”  … 500 more words



For days they had been giving warnings about evacuating before the hurricane hit.  Having been in two hurricanes out at sea in a top-heavy destroyer, and having watched the online track of the storm, Gordy knew that he’d be okay if he stayed put.  493 more words


Post-Election Thoughts

  • On the election results: I am afraid to open my mouth! If I go to say a single word the feelings in my heart will overpower my tongue and a…
  • 748 more words

Struggling to Make It Happen!

Right now struggle seems to be in the air!  APEC has come and gone in Honolulu with cordoned-off Security Zones and some planned protests.  In many Mainland cities… 356 more words


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