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The Revolt Ever to Collect Its Due

I hate to publish too much of my new book, but I had already done this on Scriggler (which will tweet your work to 51,000 people), and I wanted to switch one of the important links I’m putting on my cards, so I needed a more properly formatted version without ramble about book release. 616 more words

Jabberwocky: A Poem of Descent

When I was in high school, for an art class I chose the theme of the Jabberwock for an assignment using pointillism.  I composed a black-and-white pointillist image of a dragonlike creature matching Lewis Carroll’s description in the famous Jabberwocky poem. 319 more words

BE2: Sunday Life Paths Process Topics

Smoggy Pace

“That was a knock at the door Gerald. I will answer it. Gerald can you come, I don’t exactly understand what this strange object is saying.” 387 more words

Daily Prompt

Review Brew: Alice by Christina Henry

I approached Christina Henry’s Alice with a default sense of dread and suspicion that I’d be writing a negative review.  After all, Lewis Carroll’s original  866 more words

Culturally Speaking

Beware the Jabberwock, my son!

One of my all time favorite poems is by Lewis Carroll, author of Alice in Wonderland:

From “Through the Looking Glass”  (1871)

’Twas brillig, and the slithy toves… 442 more words


New Kacey Barnfield Jabberwock Images Added 28.08.2015

New images of Kacey Barnfield during the filming of her 2011 fantasy movie, Jabberwock, added to the Behind the Scenes and Promo gallery.

Kacey Barnfield

Megabass Defined: Destroyer Phase II (2) series

Megabass Destroyer Phase II (2004 to 2010)

With the conclusion of the Destroyer Phase I rod series and it’s HT100X blanks, the Phase II model change saw the introduction of the AirTech Hi-10X Graphite blanks. 1,492 more words