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Review of Kuroko no Basuke Extra Game

Heads up before I begin, this is the manga not the movie coming out in march. I was able to get my hands on a copy of it from a friend of mines and so I read it within one sitting. 497 more words

Hallowed Treasures Saga

It is finished. What began with the idea of one character in college (more than thirty years ago) and progressed to the concept of a Princess discovering the world beyond her father’s kingdom about ten years later, before morphing into the concept of a Divinely-inspired Quest to gather together the Thirteen Hallowed Treasures, has finally come to an end. 218 more words


Toilet troubles!

After successfully adjusting the downstairs loo seat so that it fitted centrally over the pan (after living with it skewiff (Sp?) for two or more years) I decided I was ready to replace the upstairs loo seat which had developed a serious list I put down to the loss of those softish buttons found under the seat.   353 more words


Grinn - Epilogue

The forest was dark. It was always dark, but the paths remained illuminated. And The Cheshire Cat lounged in a tree waiting and singing. “’Twas brillig and the slithy toves. 978 more words


Grinn - Chapter Thirty-eight - Dumbdeedumb

It was dark. The Princess of Hearts’ chamber was as he remembered it, large and with magnificent hangings. The book was still on the podium, but the mirror where he looked at himself and all her jewelry was not there. 1,949 more words


「劇場版 黒子のバスケ LAST GAME」特報