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The Revolt Ever to Collect Its Due

Filling the waters with unstable ideas
The Jabberwock waxes with apoplexy
The waves roar up tremendously in air that immediately had been
_____ still
Deep beneath, crabs scuttle a little faster… 546 more words

Contemporary Poetry

We Review Jabberwocky On Now At The York Theatre Until February 17th

Jabberwock is delivered mostly in gibberish, and when it ventures into English it’s to recite the mysterious and evocative Lewis Carroll poem the show is named for. 213 more words



Snark: Being a True History of the Expedition That Discovered the Snark & the Jabberwock & its Tragic Aftermath by David Elliot.

Published by Otago University Press (1 Nov. 268 more words

New Versions

Reading should be done slowly while savoring the contents...


Origin: Children Storybooks and Songbooks
Illustrator: Wada Arco
Featured In:
Voiced By: Nonaka Ai (Japanese)

Of all Servant Classes, Casters are arguably the most unique insomuch that while a good majority are actual practitioners of the arcane and mystical arts there are those who are bestowed this Class because they created something akin to magic in the eyes of people across the entire globe. 1,189 more words

Character Reviews

Jabberwock, Updated Tier List, and Summoning Event Overview


The Jabberwock is a new Legendary Creature will be added into the game during the upcoming summoning event. Generally speaking, any new Creature should be stronger than older/existing ones due to Powercreep (the slow increase of stronger Creatures over time) and Jabberwock is no exception. 2,658 more words

Creature Quest

Daisy Gets a Bath

A little extra scene for one of my favorite characters, Daisy the Jabberwock. She comes from this short story.

*          *          *

Three years later, and Magnus the Magnificent was still well pleased with the guardian of his treasure. 1,047 more words


What’s In A Name?

I don’t know about other writers but I usually give a lot of thought to what I name my characters, particularly the main characters. Now that I’ve finished the Hallowed Treasures Saga, and the final book in the trilogy is off to my beta readers, I thought I would explain the rationale behind some of the names. 1,068 more words