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WANTED: A Juliet for a Pining Romeo

Disclaimer: This post is based on true events. 


Name: Romeo

Species: Sehuencas Water Frog

Nationality: Bolivian

Gender: Male

Title: Loneliest Frog in The World…

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Love in the BAN-ana Republic

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to any character whether living or dead is purely coincidental.

The conversation listed below is strictly confidential; on second thoughts, it never took place at all.

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We Review Jabberwocky On Now At The York Theatre Until February 17th

Jabberwock is delivered mostly in gibberish, and when it ventures into English it’s to recite the mysterious and evocative Lewis Carroll poem the show is named for. 213 more words



“So what’ve you been up to?”

Being envied for a life from which I’m desperately trying to escape.

“Oh you know, just been lazing around at home.” 72 more words


Happy Days

There are some of them too, amidst the bad ones.

Like finally getting a replacement for the faulty phone. Or being treated to a delicious meal. 63 more words


The Nunes Memo - crash testing

Until the House website recovers from its pancaked position, here’s “the memo” in jpg version.

For what it’s worth.

Feed Your Head

Jabberwocky and Pink Elephants

I still get temporarily confused whether it was Lewis Carroll or C. S. Lewis that wrote “Alice‘s Adventures in Wonderland”. They both have “Lewis” somewhere. 672 more words