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What is the point?

Wednesdays this semester have been nothing but depressing.

It’s sad how a simple topic (water) can surface so many social, environmental and moral problems. I know the right attitude to this class is supposed to be, “Oh, let me make a difference by designing something to solve these problems!” But somehow I just feel so small, insignificant and powerless to change anything. 83 more words


Meme Game

You may have heard of them. You may even have seen them. You may have spread them. You may even have created some of them. The one thing however you definitely haven’t done is avoid them. 374 more words


"... and then Hillary shows up"

“There are many times that I think to myself, ‘how the heck did Donald Trump become president?’ And then Hillary shows up on the scene to remind me…” 9 more words

Feed Your Head

A Day of Rest

Ah, Labor Day. The final hurrah of summer. The last guardian of relaxation and rest before the hustle and bustle of autumn (and, boo, school). It’s a nice time away from work to contemplate the mysteries of why we actually work instead of lounging around the house in pajamas all day. 272 more words


What makes your heart sing?

‘Talk like TED’ is a book by Carmine Gallo, which I borrowed from a friend. A part of a chapter of the same reads as, “What makes your heart sing.” It really caught my attention because it had a deep message within itself which has been with me ever since. 494 more words


Jabberwocky Event: Quiz (Prelims)

To Quiz or not to Quiz  was the Jabberwocky event conducted on the 24th of August. The quiz was based on Literary movements and was LIT. 119 more words

Christ University

Jabberwocky event: Creative Writing (Prelims)

Jabberwocky, the annual intercollegiate English fest of Christ University, set off in full swing with its initial event, which was the preliminary exploration for talent in creative writing among students. 235 more words

Christ University