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Happy Days

There are some of them too, amidst the bad ones.

Like finally getting a replacement for the faulty phone. Or being treated to a delicious meal. 63 more words


The Nunes Memo - crash testing

Until the House website recovers from its pancaked position, here’s “the memo” in jpg version.

For what it’s worth.

Feed Your Head

Jabberwocky and Pink Elephants

I still get temporarily confused whether it was Lewis Carroll or C. S. Lewis that wrote “Alice‘s Adventures in Wonderland”. They both have “Lewis” somewhere. 672 more words


Jabberwocky Comes To The York February 6 – 17, 2018

If you like dark and disturbing, then we’ve got the show for you.  The Old Trout Puppet Workshop brings a brand new type of puppet theatre for adults to The York.  187 more words


Everything that I am

Not a scientist.
Not a florist.
Not a potter.
Not an artist.
Not a craftsman.
Not an animator.
Not a photographer.
Not a writer.
Not a designer. 8 more words



‘Twas feckish, and the irkly grobes
Did fark and fistle in the slade;
All dingly were the rectiprobes
And the dampnuts updrade.

“Beware the Trumplewock, my friend! 165 more words


The Great Debate

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The writer’s opinions are his/hers alone and have no reflection whatsoever on the Blue Pencil’s stand on the issue. 

876 more words
Life At AIL