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Poetry with nine and ten year olds

Although I have been in the teaching profession all my life, it’s been a while now since I’ve been in a classroom. I love teaching though, so when asked, I said yes, I’d teach poetry to an elementary school class.  838 more words

What Do You Mean You Don't Get Frabjous?

Yes, it’s time to mess with the people that live within our computers. You know the ones. They watch every word we type, and when we throw something at them that they don’t understand, paint the screen red with their rude remarks, saying, “Oh, you must want this word instead.” And, as I make up the vast majority of words I write, they’re busy. 30 more words

Random Meditations

Tension Mounts: Fargo 'Rhinoceros' (Recap)

One of the most impressive aspects of Fargo this season has been the show’s ability to digress without ever losing focus. Discussions of shampoo precede plans for violent criminal takeover, poignant monologues about war experience follow Ronald Reagan speeches about American exceptionalism, and hints of extraterrestrial life have been prevalent throughout the season, even if they may never be explained. 856 more words

Staff Writers

Alice (Alice #1) by Christina Henry

Alice di Christina Henry mette le cose in chiaro fin dalla copertina: questa di Alice non è una storia per bambini, ma assume toni cupi e drammatici. 501 more words

& Weird

16 November 2015. A Point to Ponder from Frantz Fanon... DO NOT ARGUE WITH FANATICS...


Do NOT argue with know-alls, fanatics, true believers, or the messianic. You’ll not only get nowhere, you might actually WORSEN the situation. Sometimes, the only thing that a decent person of good-sense can do is to let the idiots ramble on. 91 more words


Change of plans

I had intended to shred my SP FYP report for use in the Foundation 2D final project.

Despite having absolutely no trouble locating it, I can’t bring myself to tear up eight whole months of hard work and a whole bunch of memories, bitter and sweet. 64 more words


What has school done to us?

“Huh, it’s only 11pm?”

When leaving school at 1.30am is considered early and being able to sleep before 3am is like a miracle.

We’ve officially lost our sense of time.