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My cafe for the future concept is based around literacy and reading. The National Literacy Trust UK found that 1 in 6 individuals in the UK struggle to read and write, a skill which could impact their future opportunities. 306 more words


The Blue Bottle: End of an Epoch

“Blue the ocean, blue the sky 

Blue the tears, that I cry

Blue the violet, that smells so sweet

The blues will haunt me, till next we meet.”

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Life At AIL

A White Bunny in the ONA Hole

The poem below is dedicated to my dearest friend, Darryl Hutchins, who is on his noble way to fight the Old Geezers and Magian pseudo-initiates, defend the truth, enlighten the ONA kids and reform the grand sinister cyber kollective. 207 more words


The Bloodbound

**Copy of The Bloodbound by Erin Lindsey given by Literary Agent Lisa Rodgers in exchange for an honest review**

Sometimes, the best books you don’t discover. 663 more words

Book Review

But a submerged iceberg

Funny how I only come here to whine nowadays. Have been meaning to write a proper post – something this space has been lacking for quite a while. 82 more words


Beating the Semester Exams

The library is buzzing with students, the café has transformed into a Mecca of knowledge, the hostel lights are on till the break of dawn and while there’s no college to attend, this is the most gruesome time for us all.

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Life At AIL