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Crocheted, knitted short scarf with beads


1. My first idea was to create a headband or headscarf from the 1920s.

2. After visiting the royal treasures in Copenhagen, I wanted to have something elegant. 50 more words


Curious about Justice Ginsburg's #dissent #jabot? try this on the @21 network

Try this command on the 21 network to learn more about the dissent jabot:

 21 buy "pagekicker/book-builder/buy?key1=Jabot" > ~/jabot.epub

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Quick & Easy Jabots: Variations on a Theme

A jabot is a ruffle or frill that is worn at the neckline and is typically made of lace.  They can either be ruffles on either side of the shirt opening, or a separate piece.   840 more words