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Lawya Art: Robert Dickerson


Legal Eagles

ROBERT DICKERSON (born 1924) Two Barristers Conversing at a Table offset lithograph ed. 11/500 signed lower right: R. Dickerson 32.5 x 27.5cm… 61 more words


Barristerial shiny green frogs in powdered wigs!

Bewigged frog barrister. Shiny and green including slimy green barristerial fingers! Handsome, confident and ready. Perhaps even smug.

Could it be Captain Cook? George Washington or a smug Robespierre? 69 more words


Lady Lawya Art: Courtroom Couture and 'the Captain Cook look'

Courtroom Couture of formality and tradition means the lady lawyer must don her wig and robe for ‘the Captain Cook look’ as in this portrait from  194 more words


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Judge in Full Bottomed Wig. The Missing Judge?

Found this vintage photograph in an antique store in Tanunda here in the Barossa.

A judge in full bottomed wig.

His legal attire looks like it is for a more formal/ceremonial occasion. 67 more words


My Powdered Wig Fell Off - Barristerial Chattels

Indeed it was one of those days. Either a (ward)robe malfunction or the robe misbehaved.

“All rise” and keep your pants wig on!

I’m reminded of the moment. 517 more words