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Mrs. Bouquet

Got me hair done this morning, met Julie after for a coffee and a chat…

  • I love the new do Ber
  • Thanks Julie. You know Jimmy said my hair is my crowning glory…
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Here's to Life

No complaints and no regrets
I still believe in chasing dreams and placing bets
And I have learned that all you give is all you get… 175 more words


A Confession of my utter ignorance to the real world: Kate Middleton and Royal Hoax Call

(Just to point out, for legal reasons, this is my own bumbling, ill-informed opinion, and by no means is an attack on anyone… Good?)

Yet again, The Jacintha Saldanha suicide story has reared it’s ugly head within the news. 1,344 more words

The role of Australia's mass media regulations in the death of Jacintha Saldanha. Conclusion: Should injustice prevail so that Jacintha's death means nothing?

True or false? One of the primary reasons why Jacintha Saldanha died was because Australia’s mass media regulations failed to protect her. Whilst English laws require that a coronal inquest consider all the relevant factors in her death, the political issues involved may ensure that… 497 more words

News And Politics

The role of Australia's mass media regulations in the death of Jacintha Saldanha. Part 3m: Are the Australian and British Governments trying to rig the Jacintha Saldanha Inquest, section 4?

Relatives and friends of Jacintha Saldanha should be gravely concerned by Assistant Secretary Jared Henry’s statement that “the ACMA is investigating.”

Whilst that statement may sound reassuring, a close examination of how the ACMA Broadcasting Investigations Section actually conducts investigations may leave you firmly believing that “ACMA” is a four letter acronym that stands for… 1,482 more words

Jacintha Saldhana Suicide - We Are All Guilty

The social media buzz about the story of suicide of Jacintha Saldanha is rapidly diminishing. It’s how it happens. But if you see the pattern of coverage, it reveals an interesting trend. 444 more words


Jacintha Saldanha and the Aussie DJs

Its all too easy and convenient to ‘blame’ the two Aussie DJ’s for this whole sad episode, but the ‘blame-game’ needs a closer look.

Unanswered Questions: 356 more words