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Travis Barker teaches Wee Man how to drum.

And Wee Man brings a special surprise from Travis Barker’s past.


The 3-A-Day Challenge

I was challenged by a friend and fellow artist to participate in the 3-A-Day Challenge where I have to post 3 paintings per day for one week on my wall on Facebook.   103 more words

Farm Animals

Rep. Mike Rogers Now Claims Ed Snowden Should Be Charged With Murder, Because Someone Might Die

Source: TechDirt, by Mike Masnick, Oct 22nd 2014 8:03am

from the of-whom? dept

Things have been kind of quiet on the “ridiculous statements from… 167 more words


Jack ass.

I found myself hanging with the ex here and there the past few months, and even though I know better, I threw caution to the wind anyways. 523 more words

#TBT: "Jack-Ass" - Beck

La cadena de sampleo de esta es larga. Jack-Ass, de Beck samplea la melodía pacífica y seductora de It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue de Them, la cual es a la vez un cóver de Bob Dylan. 143 more words

An ass you say !?

“Stop” I cry out, my husband shudders at the word, it usually  occurs when we are clipping down a highway and  I see something I want to take a picture of.   197 more words

Scrubbish Days

I mean, you’re not a scrub, but sometimes there are just those days that you don’t really care what you look like. And then this jack ass walks into the room: 254 more words