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5 Simple Ways to Transform Your Life – and Change the World in the Process

Happy Sunday Sistas!

Yesterday, I was catching up on emails and saw the word “transform” in the subject line and had to read this one. It’s such a wonderful reminder that I had to repost and share with you all. 1,236 more words

Tiffany Hendra

Too Much Control Won't Work

Coming from two different backgrounds, we admitted to each other we deal differently with our issues. We agreed to get to know each other on a deeper level and just continue to do things our own way unless there’s a better one that works. 514 more words


Seneca's Letter VI or Why I Write This Blog

Recently, I had several happy experiences relating to advice I’ve given to other people.  The first was in a meeting on the topic of self development and  I shared my experience creating a “ 1,049 more words


Quotes that inspire

May be our favorite quotations say more about us than about the stories and people we’re quoting.” – John Green

I have been fond of quotes and maxims since my school days. 906 more words


Daily Guru: Jack Canfield on Mind-Mapping

I don’t remember the first time I learned of mind-mapping, but it stuck with me over the years and it works for me. Mind-mapping is essentially the chunking down of a goal or dream into actionable steps to help you achieve it. 147 more words

Make Your Vision Board and Fuel Your Dreams

“Don’t worry about planning,” said no business expert ever.

Traditional planning tools absolutely work, without a doubt. In order to move your dreams forward, you need something more powerful.

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