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Toughest Races, Setting Goals!

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.

Jim Rohn

In the last Triathlete magazine they did an evaluation of toughest North American Ironman courses: 179 more words

Do You Need Some Motivation to Get You Going?

Do you need some motivation to get you going every day? I know I do!  Remember, “You become what you think!” So, why not think happy & positive thoughts every day? 499 more words

Some things I have learnt during the past few months and I thought may be helpful

  • “We accept the love we think we deserve”, as Charlie’s teacher perfectly says in The Perks of Being a Wallflower:

That guy hitting on you at the bar, you have nothing in common, but he appears to be the only one interested in you and noticing the gloss you’ve put on your lips, or the cute dress you’ve recently bought. 843 more words

What We Are

Just One Slice...or Two

I had a very up and down kind of week and I wasn’t sure how it would end till I stepped on the scale this afternoon. 570 more words

Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

-Jack Canfield

Chicken Soup For The Soul: Is It Really Nutritious?

Here are articles that I have found on the “Chicken Soup For The Soul” series that are worth considering. Please pray before you click on the links below, for some of the information may be hard to swallow. 59 more words