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My mentor's blog

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My mentor and good friend from Wheeling, West Virginia, Jack Canfield has a blog.

Check it out here:


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The counterintuitive benefit of commitment

 “99% is a bitch. 100% is a breeze.” – Jack Canfield

Wiggle room. We love it. We fight to hold onto it.

We don’t want to sacrifice our freedom – we make loose goals with a wobbly plan of how to achieve them, thinking this gives us space to breathe. 231 more words


These Mistakes Are Costing You Your Happiness - Jack Canfield

I came across this short YouTube video by Jack Canfield which details some very simple and yet great steps to consider and take action on, in order to maximise your happiness potential. 35 more words

Teaching Children Inner Power

Recreational Therapists wanting to start a private practice could learn a lot from those who are professional success coaches.

I got to have lunch with Kate Butler today at Jack Canfield’s Breakthrough to Success conference in Philadelphia. 238 more words

I almost forgot on Day 4!

I’m in bed just about to fall asleep and I remember that I almost forgot to do my daily blog post!! ARGH!!  Got out of bed and trying to find something totally inspiring to say at 10:25pm while I’m yawning bigger than a lion.   47 more words