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Whiskey Market Heats Up As Jack Daniels and Jim Beam Challenge Fireball

We’ve all tried Fireball Cinnamon Whisky.  The Amateur Alcoholist even makes sure to always have a bottle on-shelf.  It’s wildly popular, equally drinkable, and hits a sweet spot for ready-to-go shots of something ridiculously drinkable. 118 more words


What people think of us. #whiskey #cigarettes

I once went into a convenience store to buy a pack of cigarettes. I don’t remember when, exactly, so I’ll just relegate it to the ever-so-desriptive time frame of “a while ago.” Anyway, I ended the transaction by asking “Do you have any matches?” If I stopped there everything would have been fine. 763 more words

Month in Review

Today is March 1, which means it is that time of the month. Month in review. I promised to myself that I would run 1,100 miles this year, and by checking in on the progress every month, I get to share with you readers on where I am, how far I am off and how farther I have to go in order to keep the promise. 519 more words

Boston Marathon

Jack Daniels Whiskey Chocolate Bar

Jack Daniel’s just released their own milk chocolate. Inside the center you’ll run into a shot of Jack Daniel’s whiskey syrup, containing 8.5% alcohol. The price of 10€ for 100g wrapped up in golden foil makes the Jack Daniel’s chocolate not just for Jack Daniel’s lovers.


Best Anti-VD "Love Yourself" Day AND The Week Of Disease

It’s like two oxymorons rolled into one -

First – I miss my blog sooooo much! I’ve been so busy making a living that journaling my life has been riding in the back seat rather than shotgun. 2,498 more words


Traveling Helps You Learn About Where You Come From

There are many reasons to travel; learn history, see friends, get away from home, relax and enjoy the company of your traveling companion. It had been years since my husband and I had taken off alone for a weekend, until last week that is. 1,198 more words