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The Invasion (2007)

What a turkey. In a transparent effort to create a new, modernized version of Jack Finney’s classic novel “The Body Snatchers,” director Oliver Hirschbiegel has taken most of what made the story and the previous adaptations famous and instead supplanted it with toothless, vague criticisms of modern day society. 120 more words

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1956 USA)

The Thing From Another World birthed the alien invader film, and the theme proved so popular it quickly became its own genre. Where most of these, especially The War of the Worlds, showed aliens arriving en masse in gigantic spaceships to obliterate humanity from the face of the Earth. 938 more words


Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)

The original classic (based on Jack Finney’s serialized novella) is strong enough to have inspired many generations of filmmakers to try their hand at its basic but frightening concept: People systemically being replaced by emotionless aliens bred out of pods that overtake their victims while they sleep. 65 more words

Week 38 and 39 - 2017

Hello my fellow book lovers! I hope you’re enjoying the weekend. I failed in Week 38 and only finished 1 book. Week 38 covers September 18 – 24, mostly because my adorable niece came for a visit (she brought her parents too). 1,022 more words

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The Body Snatchers by Jack Finney

The Body Snatchers is a 1955 science fiction novel by Jack Finney, that tells the tale of the quiet invasion of a small town in California by an alien race that perfectly mimics and replaces any human that they come in contact with. 762 more words


Was "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" about McCarthyism?

For the last fifty years plus, there have been conspiracy theories from the left that “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” (1956) was an allegory about McCarthyism.  160 more words

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