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How to deal with negative triggers (Part 4): Surrender

Jack Hollywood is a man who knows a thing or three about surrender. He’s lived a hell of a life that has included many things that needed surrendering to. 893 more words

Stolen Boy

Jesse James Hollywood survives submachine guns and legal denial

There he was at the center of the motorcade, tucked in the white Chevrolet Suburban, one unmarked Suburban in front, another one behind, police motorcycles bookending the ordeal, colored lights flashing everywhere. 884 more words

Stolen Boy

Discussing Jesse James Hollywood (13)

Santa Barbara County Senior Deputy District Attorney Ron Zonen had the right idea. He wanted to popularize Jesse James Hollywood’s name and image around the globe, hoping that someday someone somewhere would find them useful in helping to identify and capture the fugitive. 371 more words


Discussing Jesse James Hollywood (10)

Mr. Zonen finally started to speak. His voice grew with emotion as he began cross-examining Michael about his involvement with Alpha Dog, Nick Cassavetes, Jack Hollywood, and others. 423 more words

Stolen Boy