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Jack & Joelle - Chapter 8

Rays of sunlight danced and sprinted across the crests of Elliot Bay’s waves, as light poured in through the apartment’s massive, master-bedroom skylight. To the east, Seattle concaved around the Bay which rounded to the tip of Alki neighborhood. 433 more words


Jack & Joelle - Chapter 7

Their months apart passed as slowly as the fog rolled in over San Francisco bay, as slowly as the night crawled in over the Seattle, summer sky. 520 more words


Jack & Joelle - Chapter 5

Endless hours of sunlight and millions of stars by night filled their summer. Every morning they would wake up in Jack’s bed and pile their way out over the hard-wood flooring to catch a glimpse of the beach at sunrise. 357 more words


Jack & Joelle - Chapter 4

Golden sunlight crashed in through the white linen sheers as daylight arose over the city. “Where am I?”, was her first conscious thought, blonde waves strewn across the pillow. 412 more words


Jack & Joelle - Chapter 3

And she danced. Her feet guided the framework of their bodies into endless circles atop the sand. His arm secured her torso of  beaded, midnight-blue chiffon while slithering his fingers down towards her waist.  513 more words


Jack & Joelle - Chapter 2

Jack travelled 28 weeks of the calendar year. Joelle couldn’t keep a job. Joelle didn’t need a job, she didn’t need the income. “To waste her time away”, as Jack would say, Joelle, or ‘Jo’ for short, spent her hours without Jack working as an unpaid student-teacher at the local high school. 424 more words


Rand Paul's Top 5 Greatest Hits

Rand Paul is running for President. If you’re shocked, you haven’t been paying attention (you might want to “eductate” yourself on the matter. Yes, I am referring to how education was misspelled on his campaign website, and YouTube has… 1,759 more words