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Jack & Joelle - Chapter 2

Jack travelled 28 weeks of the calendar year. Joelle couldn’t keep a job. Joelle didn’t need a job, she didn’t need the income. “To waste her time away”, as Jack would say, Joelle, or ‘Jo’ for short, spent her hours without Jack working as an unpaid student-teacher at the local high school. 424 more words

Chapter One

Rand Paul's Top 5 Greatest Hits

Rand Paul is running for President. If you’re shocked, you haven’t been paying attention (you might want to “eductate” yourself on the matter. Yes, I am referring to how education was misspelled on his campaign website, and YouTube has… 1,759 more words

Monster Men's Leonard Nimoy Tribute - In Search Of: A True Legend

 We present a special episode dedicated to the man who was Mr. Spock and the voice of IN SEARCH OF. Rest in Peace, Leonard Nimoy. Monster Men Ep: 77- In Search Of: A True Legend


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In Response to Savrola: Why Challenging PC Orthodoxy is Essential

Our old critic Savrola is back. His reply, which I reproduce in part below, was directed at waltercht, but I’ll give my answer.

More whining from you, I see.

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Political Correctness

Cultural Marxism among libertarians: Jack Hunter, Rand Paul, et al.

It seems that some of the “paleolibertarians” are exchanging Murray Rothbard’s race realism for trendy, anti-Western Cultural Marxism.  A couple recent examples:

Margaret H. Roberts:  … 55 more words

Political Correctness

Apartment 7C and +1

Just finished reading David Bernstein’s APARTMENT 7C. Once again, he has scored another winner. In this novella, find out what happens when an octogenarian has had enough with the abusive cop who lives next door. 74 more words

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