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Carpe Diem Special #215 Jack Kerouac’s “white clouds”

White clouds of this steamy planet
My vision of the blue void

White rose with red… 25 more words


Authors of Classics- Do I have to like them?

The question of the author.

Obviously when reading books, the reader will look at the author’s other works if they enjoy their writing. Having favourite authors is both healthy and unhealthy as it limits what you may think you enjoy but also gives you an idea of what writing style and genre you enjoy. 256 more words


People often ask me, “What are you attracted to?”
And I always answer, always gaily, writers.

There’s something spellbinding and covertly sexy about a person who can pensively express their thoughts and feelings through words. 116 more words


Buying Beat Books in Chiang Mai

Yesterday I took the bus back to downtown Chiang Mai to further explore this tranquil little city. Last week I went to Wat Phra Singh and wandered a few other places, but I wanted to see more. 533 more words


Issue 9, You and the Book: On On The Road

by Manasi Nene

On The Road is one of those books that you always mean to get around to reading, but never do. The book was gathering dust on my waitlist for the best part of 4 years, and on my bookshelf for 2. 1,047 more words

Issue 9