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looking for critiques

Hi, I have taken the liberty to upload several selections from my manuscript. I am looking for honest critique, as I feel that the best opinions come from readers and not paid critics. 6 more words

I Am My Mother's Son

Searching, exploring; a loftier meeting between nature and the mind. The pathway from one to the other is what it means to be human. Kerouac is seduced time and time again by Siren voices—family, religious, moral, sexual, literary, philosophical and political—but conceded ultimately to his own, or to the ventriloquial version of his own voice that he assigns to his soul. 1,127 more words

Society Bleeds Geniuses

Edie Parker reveals in her memoir that she had “spoken with Celine and she told me he tried to seduce her, but she wasn’t having any of it.” This was in October 1944, with Edie in Detroit and Lucien Carr in jail and Kerouac hopelessly in love with Celine.  566 more words

The Hounds of Heaven

Kerouac was especially affected by English poet Francis Thompson’s 182-line poem, “The Hound of Heaven” to the extent that he wanted to use the following lines as a preface to his poem, “Supreme Reality”: 889 more words

Dialogues in Introspection

Kerouac also handwrote eight pages that took to task his embattled psychology. He posited his creative dilemma (in lead) with his moralistic contrast (in red crayon), both sides of his psyches beleagured by nihilistic despair. 975 more words

Kerouac & Self-Ultimacy

Self Ultimacy: Kerouac wondered what it would take to drive someone to tip the balance of “profound frustration”? Kerouac based these ideas within the “sphere” of his experience asking himself questions that would put him to the test. 1,043 more words

Kerouac, Burroughs, and Direct Collaboration

Kerouac, Burroughs, and Direct Collaboration

Direct collaboration, as opposed to indirect collaboration (which we’ll talk about next week) is where a writer works directly with one or more people on a specific piece. 1,169 more words