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A Ruder Form of Love

A ruder form of love held in the jaw unspoken

Don’t come near to me my jaw is broken

I left my calcified heart out by the roadside… 93 more words

Allen Ginsberg

It’s not that I can’t fall in love. It’s really that I can’t help falling in love with too many things all at once. So, you must understand why I can’t distinguish between what’s platonic and what isn’t, because it’s all too much and not enough at the same time.

— Jack Kerouac

In Heaven Now.../ Redux

Even though this post only ran last August, I thought it was worth replaying, if only to remind us to maintain some semblance of civility and sanity in this bitter election season.   372 more words

Favorite Things

7 Inspiring Quotes from "On the Road" by Kerouac

On the Road is a classic – written about, filmed already, some love it and some hate it. I am definitely one of those who love it because I believe it is not the story of Sal and his travels. 198 more words


On reading (and finishing) Infinite Jest

It began about 5 years ago, when the librarians at my work (I work in a university) were discussing famously un-finish-able books.  Always one to rise to a challenge, I decided to attempt one of them.   1,690 more words


Certain doubt, or, doubtful certainty?....


“I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together!”

~~ (The Beatles) I Am The Walrus ~~ 572 more words


Roy Harper - the Hirsute Beatnik

Roy was never really a hippie despite all the long hair and sixties scene. Roy was a Beatnik.

His early influences were Jazz and Beat Poetry. 121 more words