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How does the written word change when the song is sung? The Evolution of symbolism, hyperbole, and sound - an open debate .... please ....

What happens when the spoken word is Howled?

I wrote this song about a decade  ago, when I was reading a lot of Cormac McCarthy novels. 529 more words

Allen Ginsberg

Science Debunks Superstition: Triangle Not Guilty of Bermuda Crashes

I saw a news report this week that said twelve children a week die in the U.K. due to unknown heart defects. That’s a dozen deaths that could have been blamed on witchcraft scapegoats before the development of science – with pseudo-alphas like the Dastardly and Muttley of my life using the deaths to demonise and dehumanise me – a few hundred years ago they’d have burnt me, but now they just try and alienate me. 1,203 more words

Greenygrey Culture

My adoration of 'The Divine Comedy' and 'On the Road'

Dante Alighieri

Jack Kerouac

I only have two self-imposed rules when it comes to reading. One: If I don’t like a book, I won’t force myself to finish it. 2,462 more words



How disarming to be reminded that the things you treasure are not buried or gone.
The blue centerlight still goes POP!
You say ‘awww’ like you did when you first saw that red dwarf, stumbling about in starlight with wind for a map.

We Are Feminism (and So Can You!)

Book Review: Dharma Bums

Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac was published in 1958. It takes place in San Fransisco, California and focuses on the adventures of Japhy Ryder and Ray Smith. 179 more words

Jack Kerouac

5 Quotes about Jack Kerouac's Influence on Bob Dylan

So you may have heard that Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize.

For Literature.

At first, no one could get ahold of him. Then, when they did, he  809 more words

Beat Generation

On the Road: Poetry in Prose

It was only last February that a friend recommended the book “On the Road” to me, and I owe her a serious thank you for that! 631 more words