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Filming the present: homage to Jack Kerouac's Beatnik San Francisco

Apparently in his high school year book, the subject of my next documentary, Richard Beggs, was identified as a Beatnik, in which he delighted.  Later in the mid 1960s when Richard moved to San Francisco to study painting at the San Francisco Art Institute, he was disappointed to discover that the Coexistence Bagel Shop, where the Beatniks apparently hung out, had closed.   830 more words


Where I place aesthetic values.

I place a higher value on written word as an art form than any other. I came to this realization by thinking about Kant, sensibilities, and concepts. 514 more words


Who were the hippies?

Intrigued by my hippie posts and new novel, some of my younger friends have asked for a nutshell clarification on who the hippies were. They are aware that a kind of cultural revolution was taking place in the late 1960s, but remain a little vague on it. 662 more words

Cultural History

Wikipedia Poem, No. 401

think got drink
got drink got had
totalitarian-type and said

decide to rush back
which i didn’t
think i got a drink

got drunk i had a charley… 186 more words


How To Speak Hip

For Kerouac, beat meant “beatitude”and the saintly life of the bum roaming America with no ties, no responsibilities, and endless time and space to find spiritual enlightenment. 643 more words

Issue 001

White Horse Tavern

Erstwhile workingman’s bar in the West Village that became a refuge for writers and assorted bohemian types and labor rabble-rousers in the 1950s because the beer was cheap and the location convenient to where most of the clientele lived. 143 more words