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Stranglehold Will Get a Strong Hold on You

I just finished reading Stranglehold by Jack Ketchum and I was absolutely floored by the strong writing, great plot, and Ketchum’s ability to just suck the reader into the world he created and have each chapter end with a feeling of dread and despair that forces the reader to read “just one more chapter” before they take a break. 271 more words

Blood, guts, and gory meet character and heart: The Gentle Art of Finding the balance

This week, I started writing a brand new novel. Anyone who has paid attention to me knows that I’m already working on more than four other pieces. 612 more words


The Passenger - Jack Ketchum

Passenger was a fast and furious story that followed my copy of Jack Ketchum’s Red. And what a hell of a story it was for the first three-quarters of it. 280 more words

Horror Novel Review

Scurte #312

Winona Ryder va juca din nou în Beetlejuice 2.

– cărţi (nepotrivite) pentru cititori (nepotriviţi) – unele imagini sunt extrem de amuzante :) 45 more words


Red - Jack Ketchum

Avery is a 67 year old veteran of the Korean War and a widow. Red is his dog and faithful companion. His wife bought him when he was a puppy for Avery and is one of the last links to his deceased wife. 303 more words

Horror Novel Review

I’m a huge Jack Ketchum fan. I won’t lie about that. Recently, I finished the novella, “Old Flames.” As expected it has the speed and violence of a Ketchum book. 70 more words


David Blackthorn Shares His Thoughts on Jack Ketchum's 'Ladies' Night' (Review)

Written by: David Blackthorn

When you’re in the mood for some gore drenched brutality, Ketchum rarely, if ever fails to satisfy.  There’s a reason he has influenced so many up and coming writers. 173 more words