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Book Review - "Hide & Seek" by Jack Ketchum

A lot of people passionate about either loving or hating this one, I clearly fall into the camp of the former. I feel expectations play a big role in whether we enjoy a book, and the blurb for this one is quite deceiving … The “game” itself is only the last fourth of the novel. 222 more words

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A short review of "XX" (2017)

I’m sorry to report that this year’s “XX” doesn’t quite live up to the great horror anthology that its trailer promises.  This quartet of female-directed horror shorts is actually quite average, when considered together, and I’d give it a 6 out of 10. 214 more words


XX (2017)

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I’m a huge fan of female filmmakers making their voices heard in the horror genre, so, obviously, I was intrigued about this new anthology featuring four stories all written and directed by women. 492 more words

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The Secret Life of Souls

I love novels written in present tense. It gives such immediacy to the action that you feel you’re right there in the middle of things. 188 more words

Into the Unknown: The Disappearance of Eight Novels

Howdy. I posted a couple months ago that eight of my novels were about to become unavailable for a while. Though there was a delay in that process, it looks like it’s now happening. 616 more words

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Joyride by Jack Ketchum| Book Review


Joyride is about a woman named Carole and her lover Lee who end up murdering her abusive ex-husband as an act of desperation. A death-obsessed man named Wayne witnesses the act and hopes to commit more murders with them. 413 more words