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Incredible Hulk #1 SMASHES Record

A record smashing event has occurred in the month of September 2016. A vintage comics seller, ComicConnect, sold a copy of Incredible Hulk #1 for an INCREDIBLE $375,000! 173 more words


Bonus Pin-Up Thursday!

This week, I’ve got a couple of fiery characters for you. First up is Johnny Storm from Fantastic Four #3. Art by the King.

Check out the… 26 more words


The Avengers 148, 1976 "20,000 Leagues Under Justice!"

After leaving Marvel (Timely/Atlas) for the second time, Jack Kirby created the Fourth World. To put it simply, he created an entire universe full of characters from the vast, galactic brain of his that had already spawned the likes of… 155 more words

Comic Books

Tales of Suspense #45 (09/10/1963)

Tales of Suspense #45 opens in an almost James Bond-like way, with Iron Man jetting along the highway on his rocket skates because he late to participate in a racing event as Tony Stark. 499 more words

Silver Age Comic

Journey Into Mystery (1952) - #109 – Jack Kirby, Charles Stone

“When Magneto Strikes!” : “Magneto takes a break from pestering the X-Men to battle Thor.”

Comic Books

Journey Into Mystery #96 (09/10/1963)

This issue of Journey Into Mystery opens with Thor being his usual heroic self and rescuing a bus that has plunged off a bridge into the water. 491 more words

Silver Age Comic

Strange Tales Annual #2 (10/10/1963)

This issue demonstrates Lee’s habit of forgetting events from the previous issues. In this case, in the last issue Lee spent the issue trying to show that the Human Torch wasn’t a hot-head and didn’t relish the spotlight. 381 more words

Silver Age Comic