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I blame Orrgo the Unconquerable for this weather

I’m looking out the window right now and all I see is snow.  Yep, more snow.  I am so sick of snow.

Winter is a funny thing.  591 more words

Comic Books

The Daring Dispatch: ​Incredible Hulk, Journey Into Mystery and Fantastic Four

​Incredible Hulk (1962) #4 – In these early days, the Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hydeinspirations were quite obvious. Hulk is brutish and dull but has heroic impulses that contrast his appearance and evoke thoughts of a child’s innocence. 362 more words

The Galactus Trilogy

Donny reviews that classic, comedic tale about the end of the world.

Fantastic Four 48-50
Stan Lee & Jack Kirby (story)
Jack Kirby (art) 1,885 more words


toysday: Mattel Justice League Unlimited Kalibak

I bought this figure in a two pack with and because of Kalibak’s Dad, Darkseid.
But seeing it in person changed my attitude towards it. He looks soooo much better in person than on the promotional material provided by Mattel. 43 more words



Longbox Graveyard #143

Welcome to the Dollar Box, where I look at single comics issues or short runs of books that had an original cover price of a dollar or less. 1,431 more words

DC Comics

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A look inside a vintage issue of Kamandi, featuring the awe-inspiring extermination of Morticoccus... The Ultimate GERM!