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A Pedant Watches An Old Episode Of Hawaii Five-O

Twelve seasons! Wow! The cop drama series Hawaii Five-O was on the air from 1968 to 1980. That’s twelve seasons. I knew it was a long running series, but I didn’t remember it went that long. 1,101 more words

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Dr. No (1962)

Plot: A high level British operative has just been killed, in a flawless assassination that has MI6 quite concerned. In an effort to find out what happened, the agency assigns James Bond (Sean Connery) to the case and so he ventures to Kingston, Jamaica to uncover some answers. 645 more words

MI6 Confidential, 007 Magazine out with new issues

Two separate publications are out that may be of interest to James Bond fans.

MI6 Confidential No. 44 focuses on The World Is Not Enough, the 19th James Bond film. 245 more words

James Bond Films

The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell (1955)

Not a typical film brought up for discussion when going over the career of movie legend Gary Cooper. Too bad as there is plenty to recommend it. 723 more words

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Dr. No (1962, dir. Terence Young)

007 investigates a diplomat’s murder; the trail leads to a nuclear conspiracy. The first Bond adaptation gets a lot of things right, not least the lead performance. 16 more words

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For Your Ears Only: Dr. No


Frank and Podcasting Them Softly’s James Bond expert, Tom Zielinski, talk about the very first official James Bond film, DR. NO. They discuss at length the lore of the James Bond Criterion Collection laserdiscs, the impression that Terrence Young made on the James Bond franchise that continues to this day,  and the immeasurable influence that DR. NO had on cinema.

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