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Reading the King: The Shining

The Shining has always been one of those Stephen King novels that was always on my radar but I never actually picked up when I saw it in bookstores (for similar examples, please see: Rose Madden, Misery, The Girl who Loved Tom Gordon). 1,361 more words

Reading Challenge

Good Times, Noodle Salad

2 minute read

There’s a scene in As Good As It Gets where Melvin Udall, Jack Nicholson’s character, is sitting across a restaurant table from Carol Connelly, Helen Hunt’s character, and he says… 635 more words

Personal Development

The Departed

The Departed (2006)

Dir. Martin Scorsese

Written by: William Monahan

Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Martin Sheen

This will likely be an unpopular opinion, but… 1,523 more words


The Netflix Bin: "Anger Management"

In “The Netflix Bin”, I scour the scores of real gems, awful crap and Nicolas Cage movies on the streaming service, and pick out whatever I want from it. 987 more words

Movie Reviews

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey

Genre: Classics

Date Published: 1963

Pages: 325

Source: Library

Goodreads Synopsis: In this classic of the 1960s, Ken Kesey’s hero is Randle Patrick McMurphy, a boisterous, brawling, fun-loving rebel who swaggers into the world of a mental hospital and takes over. 1,125 more words

Book Reviews

A Few Good Men (1992)

Upon watching A Few Good Men for the first time, it was hard not to draw parallels with An Officer and a Gentlemen for some reason and it went beyond some cursory elements such as both films involving branches of the military. 885 more words