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Something's gotta give

I saw this on Netflix in the summerhouse. Jack Nicholson repeated a bit of his performance from another movie. There were some laughs here and there, but fewer than expected. See more at Rotten Tomatoes.

** (can Watch)

Top 5 best Stephen King Film Adaptations

Like always, with the 5 worst, comes the 5 best.

5.) Christine- John Carpenter. Rock n Roll music. Nuff said.

4.) Salem’s Lot (1979)- Without a doubt, the scariest vampire ever. 166 more words


Classic Movie Thursday: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Review

So I watched One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest…

As always procrastination is King in my life and film is the King’s favourite sacrifice. So instead of actually sitting down and studying for my Psych final, I thought it would be better to sit down and watch a film about people in a psychiatric hospital. 637 more words

Movie Review

125. The Bucket List

The Bucket List is like a 90 minute adaptation of one of those sappy inspirational poems your unemployed friend would share on Facebook. You know, the same friend who says they hate drama but are the source of all drama, the one who shares every moment and slight inconvenience online without question. 137 more words

Marvel Saga Issue 7 - The Ties That Bind

Welcome to Marvel Saga, a new monthly podcast from the creative minds behind Comic Reflections and the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER!

Comic Reflections, hosted by Nicholas Prom, looks at comics from the Silver and Bronze Ages. 70 more words


The Terror

The Terror – 1963 – United States

1806: A French army officer named Andre is separated from his regiment. Wandering France’s coastal wilderness, he encounters a beautiful woman named Helene. 322 more words

United States

Noodle Salad - As Good as It Gets Review

“Well, maybe I overshot a little because I was aiming at just enough to keep you from walking out.”


Jack Nicholson’s proclivity for playing eccentric characters always makes for an interesting watch. 335 more words

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