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Easy Writer: When writing is hard, write in a herd

Counterculture Harley riders in the 60’s were social outcasts and small in numbers, so they tended to ride together. Ultimately every rider operates their hog alone, but I’m sure it was more fun and probably safer to do it in a pack (though Captain America does eat some lead by the end of the movie). 321 more words

Tips For Overcoming Writer's Block And Procrastination

'The Shining' is getting a sequel!

If you are a fan of Stephen King, then its time wake from your slumber! According to a report by Deadline, Warner Bros. has just launched development on King’s 2013 horror novel “Doctor Sleep,” a sequel to his 1977 iconic story, “The Shining.” 399 more words


Oscars Rewind: A Flashback to a 'Titanic' Academy Awards

by Jason Koenigsberg


Twenty years ago an iceberg and a doomed ship were about all that the Academy Awards cared about. James Cameron’s mega blockbuster… 3,252 more words


Mike Flanagan To Helm Stephen King's 'The Shining' Sequel 'Doctor Sleep'

EXCLUSIVE: After the out-sized grosses on the Stephen King novel adaptation It, Warner Bros has put it sequel to King’s The Shining on the fast track. 331 more words

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The Bucket List (2007)


Ever sat with someone on their deathbed and wished for them the best the world can offer? Just one more day, hour, meaningful, joyful minute? 535 more words

Movies For Middle Age

A Few Good Men 2: "The government reinstates Robert Mueller to fill in on a special case..."

A Few Good Men (1992) Starring Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, Demi Moore

LAST SEEN: “So this is what a courtroom looks like.”

OPENS WITH: Inspired by the recessed ceilings and crown molding, Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee abandons the law and seen touring America’s favorite architecture. 387 more words


Something's Gotta Give (2003)


HARRY: I’ve never seen a woman that age naked before.

JULIAN: You’re kidding.

HARRY: Hey! We’re not all doctors, baby.

Harry Sanborn. Outwardly, he’s a wealthy, successful man, but his love life is a succession of shallow sexual relationships with women young enough to be his daughter.

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Movies For Middle Age