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Panic in the Streets (1950)

It disappoints me that I was not more taken with the material than I was but despite not being wholly engaged, there are still some fascinating aspects to Panic in the Streets. 506 more words


The Cop In Blue Jeans

That’s Mr. J&B Rare, to you.

A case of J&B and Tomas Milian (with his retarded hat) behind the pillar.

Action Crime

Ten Seconds to Hell (1959) Bombastic Berlin Bomb Disposal Drama

Director Robert Aldrich teams up once again with Jack Palance. After enjoying their last outing together, the 1956 war film Attack, I was keen on seeing our Jack in another hero role. 425 more words


Attack (1956) Badass Chiseled Cheeked Curly Costa

Jack Palance is one of those actors that I know so well. His voice is so recognisable and that unique face of his seems to have played nothing but bad guys. 518 more words


Film Review: Cocaine Cowboys (dir by Ulli Lommel)

Two million dollars worth of cocaine has gone missing in Long Island and Andy Warhol is on the case!

Believe it or not, that’s actually a fairly accurate summation of this 1979 film.   669 more words


This Vortex of Bizarre Thought

I’m much more obsessive than I am compulsive.

I’ve written about my first diagnosis before and how my parents were so concerned about my strange behavior that they decided I needed professional help. 287 more words