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Illegal Immigration and the Risk to Public Health: Panic in the Streets (1950)

In Elia Kazan’s Panic in the Streets (1950), Kochak (Lewis Charles), an illegal immigrant, is patient zero in a potential outbreak of pneumonic plague, a deadly disease that can kill a person “within four days.” An important issue in the film is illegal immigration and the risk to public health. 613 more words

20th Century Films

Man in the Attic

I wanted to get back to watching old films, so when perusing on YouTube for anything Bette Davis I came across this 1953 film starring Jack Palance. 74 more words


The Man in the Director's Chair: An Interview with Michael Schroeder by Kent Hill

It was owning a fast car that booked a young Michael Schroeder his first trip onto a film set. With Chief Dan George (The Outlaw Josey Wales) in the seat next to him, Michael was instructed to drive as fast as he could toward camera. 196 more words


The Devil's Wedding Night (1973)

Sure I often refer to the western as my favorite genre and go to films of choice but there is something to be said for these sleazy Eurotrash productions of the seventies that were perfect fodder for drive-in theaters and the countless bootleg editions that would surface in the eighties during the early days of the VHS craze when I was hungry to discover all sorts of risqué horrors. 756 more words

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Originally Reviewed 25th February 2017

–+-+– Gor –+-+– By Kevin Maude

On March the 3rd 2014 the Plopcorn crew posted their first review for a film called “Outlaw of Gor”, a random film that looked like it would be really bad – and it turns out we were right!! 612 more words


Shane - Review


“The greatest story of the west ever filmed!” is what the marketing insists you, but as to be expected from the hyperbolic labelling George Stevens’s Shane carries enough in order to prove itself an entertaining ride while it lasts. 1,128 more words

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Outlaw of GOR

–++– Outlaw of Gor Review: –++– (originally reviewed 13/3/2014)

This film is a sequel to the creatively titled “Gor” and is based on the books written by John Norman. 432 more words