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May 19th, 2018 Movie - Welcome To Blood City

You ever wake up in the morning and just have no motivation to get out of bed and go. That is kind of how I felt this morning. 2,282 more words

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3 things about Elia Kazan's PANIC IN THE STREETS

Panic in the Streets

1. Coffee warehouse chase.
2. Fitch and Blackie take turns cradling Poldi.
3. Irritating, unwanted advice from the neighbor.

The Professionals 1966


Columbia Pictures

This star-studded Western featured the graceful lines of Great Western Railway #75, a Baldwin-built 2-8-0, previously seen in my review of Breakhart Pass 1976… 913 more words

The Professionals (1966)

Not wanting to speak on behalf of everyone else who has seen this Richard Brooks classic, I think it’s one of those unheralded movies that doesn’t get enough love. 867 more words

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Vampyres (1974)

“Does this kind of thing excite you.”

From director Jose Ramon Larraz, this made in England thriller is for me the best of the erotic “lesbian” vampire thrillers that were in vogue during the early seventies. 891 more words

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