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Charm… charisma… mojo… there is many names for it. What is the secret of folks who seem to possess it is vast quantity? What do they all have in common? 242 more words

Torture Garden (1967)

The great Robert Bloch (1917-1994) supplied stories and screenplays for six films made by Amicus Film, the only serious rival to Hammer in the 1960s and 70s when it came to horror cinema. 1,034 more words

Tuesday's Overlooked Film

Movie : The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

We see a caped man running towards us.  It’s night and he’s making his way through a narrow,  foggy alley way.   We are in 1800’s London.   339 more words

Mr. Parker and The Casting Call, Part 2: Guns of The Reminiscent Seven.

To be honest, I don’t believe there are going to be any more attempts to adapt any of the Parker novels for a long time to come.  3,429 more words

Donald Westlake Novels

Day Seven of Noirvember: The Big Knife (1955)

Not your typical noir, The Big Knife focuses on screen star Charlie Castle (Jack Palance), who’s in the center of a maelstrom – his dictator-like studio head, Stanley Hoff (Rod Steiger), is pressuring him into signing another seven-year contract; his beloved, estranged wife, Marion (Ida Lupino), wants to reunite, but also wants Charlie to leave Hollywood; and Charlie’s harboring a number of secrets, including his involvement in a hit-and-run accident that killed a child, and his brief affair with the wife of his press agent. 337 more words

Film Noir

Halloween Edition: Alone in the Dark (1982 Full Film)

Dr. Bain operates a psychiatric recovery home because we all know that’s always a fun occupation during Halloween.  On the third floor of the home houses all the real loonies.  353 more words