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Western Wednesday: The Mercenary (1968)

Sergio Corbucci’s The Mercenary, also known in some circles as A Professional Gun, is a complex tale of Mexican revolutionaries, guns-for-hire and clowns. This 1968 spaghetti western, released the same year as Corbucci’s… 680 more words


The Big Wheezy

Pneumonic plague in New Orleans — that’s the set-up for Elia Kazan’s tense drama PANIC IN THE STREETS (1950), which he claimed marked a turning point in his work. 509 more words


Batman ( 1989 United States)

Blooming out of the mind of oddball director Tim Burton, this Batman version was one of the first films to introduce the general public to the darker and more psychologically complex world of comic book super-heroes that had replaced the wholesome, square-jawed, morally correct characters of the 1940s and 50s. 705 more words


Letterman Takes on a Trio of Tough Guys.

Thankfully over the past 50 years television has allowed us to see and hear some of our favorite actors play up their image or just be themselves on late night TV with a comedian playing host. 256 more words

Daily Take

Lee Marvin, Jeanne Moreau, And Jack Palance Ride The Fading Western: "Monte Walsh" From 1970

By the time that veteran cinematographer William Fraker directed his first film, “Monte Walsh” in 1970, the Western genre had undergone a complete overhaul. While Italy’s Sergios (Leone and Corbucci) were adding a never before seen silent but muddy ugliness to the genre, Sam Peckinpah brought a level of violence that was unmatched in most action films of its time, much less the hallowed epic Western. 1,507 more words


Movie Quote of the Day - Man In The Attic, 1953 (dir. Hugo Fregonese)

Slade: The police will not find him.
Inspector Paul Warwick: Why not?
Slade: The police are searching for a criminal. In reality, there are no criminals, there are only people doing what they must do because they are who they are.

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Movie Quote Of The Day

Torture Garden (Britain 1967)

Roll up roll up for a rather un-magical mystery tour. A fun if unexceptional horror anthology from Amicus, a company that specialized in the horror portmanteau format for a number of years. 495 more words