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Shane is a Colorful and Timeless Western Classic

Shane is a classic western from 1953 which is known for influencing many films with its story of a stranger showing up at a farm, looking to leave their past behind, but is put in a situation where he must go back to his darkened past to protect those around them.   564 more words


Black Cobra Woman

No one’s drinking J&B so the potential threesome doesn’t play out.

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Movie Reviews 308 – Welcome to Blood City (1977)

When four men and a woman wake up in a desolate and remote region without knowing one another or any idea of where they are, how they got there or even why they are there, all they have for a clue is a slip of paper in each of their pockets telling them they are murderers and how many people they have killed in the past.   837 more words

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THE BIG KNIFE on Blu-ray + DVD August 29

Mere months after delivering one of the definitive examples of film noir with Kiss Me Deadly, Robert Aldrich brought a noir flavor to Hollywood with his classic adaptation of Clifford Odets’ stage play, The Big Knife. 270 more words


The Shape of Things to Come (1979)

The rush to capitalize on those sweet, sweet Star Wars profits led to this terminally dull Canadian entry, which is more formally called H. G. Wells’ The Shape of Things to Come… 605 more words


Africa Express (1975)

Jack Palance fan that I am I knew this film existed but had never come across it until rummaging through one of those bargain bins at Walmart. 703 more words

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Torture Garden (1967) Review

One from the to watch pile…
Torture Garden (1967)

Film: I’ve always loved anthology films. I probably started with ones in the eighties, like Creepshow, Twilight Zone, Tales of the Darkside and Cat’s Eye, but have since gone back and explored older ones too, like Dr Terror’s House of Horrors and other films of its generation and style. 587 more words

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