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The Appeal Of Anti-heroes

The above image is from USA Today.

Why do we find anti-heroes appealing?

Well, for starters, they don’t set impossible standards for us to follow. 485 more words

Killing Floor (Jack Reacher #1) by Lee Child

This was my first Lee Child book. Crime and thriller are my two favorite genres. Since this book fits in to both, I decided to pick it up from my lending library. 704 more words


Becky's Two Hundred and Sixty-First Book Review: "The Hard Way" by Lee Child

“The Hard Way” by Lee Child went in a slightly different direction than the other Reacher books. Instead of Reacher rallying himself behind the little guy or even his own interests, he gets roped into a situation where there are bad guys and worse guys. 379 more words

Book Review

Inaugural Sucker For A Series Post 

Hi everyone,

So today is a busy day for me! 😊 I have two posts on the blog today and it’s also my 30th birthday! 🎉 I decided to launch my new feature today, as it’s a date I won’t forget, and I figured I should kick it off! 601 more words


ล้มกระดาน เพราะ ไม่มีอะไรจะเสีย

Jack Reacher ใน Nothing to Lose ก็ยังนึกถึงหน้า Tom Cruise

อาจเพราะความโดนเด่นของ Tom Cruise ที่รับบทเป็น Jack Reacher ในปี 2012

แต่ในส่วนสูงของ Jack Reacher ตามที่ Lee Child เขียนไว้ในหนังสือคือ 196 cm ในขณะที่ Tom Cruise สูง 172 cm ดังนั้นในแง่ของจินตนาการภาพของ Tom ขึ้นมาระหว่างอ่านดูขัดๆ กันอยู่บ้าง … 36 more words


A wanted man - Lee Child (7.5/10)

Another in the Jack Reacher series (that I’m slowly working my way through) see Jack hitchhiking himself into the middle of another drama.

There’s deep thought, sudden violent justice / injustice / non-justice; cops, terrorists and CIA spooks. 17 more words

Library Borrowed

Review: Tripwire by Lee Child

 of 5 stars

Jack Reacher 3

My version:
Fiction Thriller
Bantam Press

For Jack Reacher, being invisible has become a habit. 504 more words