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The great debate: Is Tom Cruise a good actor?

Mission Impossible comes out this weekend and Justin’s Schadenfreude partners Adam Witt and Sandy Marshall try to convince Justin that Tom Cruise is a good actor. 20 more words

The Download

Christopher McQuarrie Q&A: On Collaborating With Tom Cruise, And Hanging Him Off A Moving Airplane

If he’s still known for winning a Best Screenplay Oscar for 1995’s Usual Suspects, Christopher McQuarrie’s next best identification is for being Tom Cruise’s go-to-guy. 6,151 more words


Jack Reacher

The first time I encountered Jack Reacher was in Lee Child’s novel “61 Hours.” I liked this character so much and it seemed as if I’d met him too late. 550 more words


The Man With Lee Child in His Eyes - an Exclusive Interview by Roger Crow (Part one)

The last time I chatted to Lee Child, one of the world’s most successful crime fiction authors, I was so inspired after that a few minutes on the phone, I wrote half a novel. 371 more words

Killing Floor

Author: Lee Child

Jack Reacher stops by at Margrave on a whim and gets arrested for murder. the small town of Margrave isn’t the unassuming town it seems to be. 106 more words


The art of the impossible

A couple of years ago, after I saw Jack Reacher, I wrote the following about Tom Cruise, whom I still regard as the most interesting movie star we have: “He’s more of a great producer and packager of talent who happens to occupy the body of a star who can also get movies made.” I didn’t think much of that observation at the time, but when I look back, it seems to explain a lot about what makes Cruise both so consistent and so enigmatic. 960 more words


Handling time off.

I am, by nature, a person who does. I make plans with others, I make plans for myself, I make lists, I always have an idea of what I want to get done on a given day. 896 more words