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Solomon Creed by Simon Toyne

Solomon Creed‘ Book 1 by Simon Toyne. Recommended by David (Staffing & Customer Support Officer)

A plane crash in the Arizona desert. An explosion that sets the world on fire. 137 more words

Bury Libraries

Jack Reacher

2012    PG-13     Thriller   2:10  * Tom Cruise & Jai Courtney

Jai Plays Charlie an elite sniper who has killed 5 people for what seems no reason, and frames Barr for it. 219 more words


Author Review Announcement

So I am thinking of starting a new series, which I will call Author Review. Often we tend to review books and extend our praise of the book to the author but rarely do we look at the collected works of an author and review his or her work. 649 more words

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Heroes Or Anti-heroes?

Do you prefer heroes or anti-heroes in works of fiction?

In most Japanese anime/drama/manga, the good guys never kill. And the bad guys are those who do. 489 more words

Like Jack Reacher? Meet Sam Dryden...

Sam Dryden has an amazing skill set due to his years as a member of a super-elite force that specialised in ‘acquiring’ people for the United States.  277 more words


Assessed And Evaluated: Jack Reacher

Part I: Why Jack Reacher Will Go Down As A Classic Character In The History Of Modern-Day Fiction

“No, I’m a man with a rule. People leave me alone, I leave them alone. 2,372 more words


Walking Writers and Bestsellers @ Link Wanderlust

I came across an article on walking and another one on a writer’s process chronicled.

What does walking have to do with writing? Turns out, a lot. 478 more words