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Jack Secret on Cobbling Together Rush's Triggering System

How did Tony Geranios, Geddy’s long-time keyboard technician, get his nickname, Jack Secret? It’s a secret no longer. In a 30-minute video interview with Geranios, Rush fan Danny See passed the question along, from Ed Stenger at… 317 more words


And Here We Meet Jack Secret

Jack Secret was known to dig up the bones
Of a T-Rex when no one was looking.
They added some mystery at the museum of history – 10 more words

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Geddy's Secret Sauce: Jack Secret's Jerry-Rigging Prowess

Rush increased its use of synthesizers and other electronics in 1977, starting with its A Farewell to Kings album. Easy enough to do in the studio, perhaps, when you can layer track upon track, but playing all of the synthesizer add-ons live, without adding another musician to the mix, was another trick altogether, particularly given the limits of digital technology back then. 598 more words


Rush at Le Studio: Who are These Fine Folk?

Rush is a Band featured a photo of the band along with some crew members and staff at Le Studio in Morin Heights after Rush recorded… 109 more words

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White Flag: Recording and Lyrics

Long-time Rush keyboard and guitar tech Jack Secret (Tony Geranios) in 2008 recorded a piece called “White Flag” with guitarist Paul Crook, most recently with Meatloaf but also with Anthrax and Sebastian Bach. 352 more words

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Jack Secret is Angry, but the Music is Good

In the Signals tour book, Neil talks about some down time the band had while it was mixing its live album Exit . . . 481 more words

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