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Cruisin with Seely

Whats more than the caption?
photo credit- Chris Jolly

Always Sunny in Tampa

Tampa is a city that has a lot of weird stuff going on. Ybor City, crazy people thinking they are pirates, drunk ragers, and most importantly, skateboarding. 29 more words

Bro Cam | Sleeveless Saturday

The newest Bro Cam installment finds the “Tank Top Trio” celebrating “Sleeveless Saturday”. Featuring: Kris Jones, Jack Seely, Matt Fink, Ryan King, Grady Smith, and Matt Oistacher…join the movement! 7 more words


Warrior - one of the real war horses

In an introductory note to Sidney Galtray’s  The horse and the war Field-Marshall Sir Douglas Haig, Commander-in-Chief of the British Forces, states:

“I hope that this account … will bring home to the peoples of the British Empire …  the wisdom of breeding animals for the two military virtues of hardiness and activity.” 286 more words