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Wish me luck today as I enter the lion’s den; or as it’s more widely known, the Meeting Room. Yes, every quarter, my company meets with its different departments to discuss everything, from changes to new policies to, well, whatever is bugging them. 32 more words

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Joachim and that two heads in the basket

Joachim Ronning and the story of the two decapitated heads close to Jack Sparrow (still with the head on his neck!)

That Joachim Ronning co-director of Pirates Dead Men Tell No Tales is a character by himself and that he is better than a spokesman for let us know what it is happening on set of Pirates, known and discovered pretty soon by all of us. 347 more words

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The Blog's Back On! My First Post: Still Trying to See Like a Child Does

I’ve come to the conclusion recently that many siblings have a sort of telepathic connection of sorts going on between them. For instance: before I knew Doug wanted to activate our blog, I had been thinking about doing the same for a few weeks. 717 more words


"I didn't lose time and I kissed him!" ;-)

A lesson for all Johnny’s fans: rapidity pay!

This woman, Miss Aldridge, 21 years must be someone who doesn’t lose any time in preamble and she is not a girl of too many words. 287 more words

Johnny Depp

Elite Show Jumping at Wills Park

Jack Sparrow and Autumn Johnson did it again at Elite Show Jumping lastĀ weekend. They were Champion in two divisions and Reserve in the Elite medal. 18 more words

Words Crush Wednesday - Captain Jack Sparrow Edition

Really? We’re quoting Jack Sparrow now? He of the many layers of guyliner, beaded hair, perpetual swaying and too-much-wine shlurring? It seems so.

We all have problems, every single one of us. 253 more words

All crazy for Johnny Depp at Hastings Points!

More than 300 fans waiting for Jack Sparrow

Johnny always nice and affordable with everyone didn’t hesitate another time before to leaving, after a long day spent on set, to taking pictures with all his fans, waiting for him at Hastings Point. 56 more words

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