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The History of Science Fiction Literature Challenge – The Dying Earth by Jack Vance (1950)

Described primarily as a fantasy, I wondered if Jack Vance’s 1950 curio The Dying Earth might find a place in this history of science fiction. After all, it is set way into Earth’s future as the planet is dying. 802 more words


Barbarian Book Club: 11 June 2017

Another month of reading has come and gone. The beautiful Japanese spring is ending and the rainy season is about to begin. I managed to finish two novels, one history book, and several short stories this month. 549 more words

Book Reviews

#amwriting: Literature and Language: Gormenghast and Lyonesse

Two series of fantasy novels that had a profound effect on me as a reader are the Gormenghast series of novels, written by Mervyn Peake, and… 656 more words


Jack Vance - ett axplock

Vi har alla några författare som kittlar lite extra. En av mina är Jack Vance. När han är i bra form så är han lysande: en lekfull ordvrängare med ett aldrig sinande menageri av fantasifulla karaktärer, färger och dofter. 1,578 more words


Roundup, announcement, and other stuff.

May seems to have been my Jack Vance’s month.

Besides my previous D&D article, here are a few posts I wrote about him at the… 177 more words

A Vancian-inspired (re)interpretation of magic-users and heathen idol-worshippers (i.e. clerics)

You are playing some old skool D&D with your friends and decide that you want to play a magic-user. The DM tells you that level 1 magic-users can only cast one spell per day and, to add injury to the insult, “ 1,530 more words


The end of the Dying Earth

Life has, so to speak, come at me fast. Hence my recent absence. Thankfully Gita has been around to pick up some of the slack. 300 more words