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Reading diary, #8

Time once again to catch up on my recent reading. Which seems to have been all over the shop recently. I try to plan my reading but it never works. 1,985 more words


Jack Vance - The Dying Earth (1950 - '84)

Some authors just want to make you underscore lines in the books. Terry Pratchett is one of those with his humor. Jack Vance is another. Vance, who wrote a… 416 more words


Dragons, Dragons and Publishing

I want to see a highly insensitive turn-based economic-military strategy game based on The Dragon Masters.

Vance provides us with a handy value conversion via an exchange between one of the villains and a Jabba the Hutt-like* character upon which we can base the military economy of Happy Valley: 25 choice children are worth 3 dragons. 173 more words


Jack Vance, The Pnume (1970)

Allt har ett slut, så även serien Planet of Adventure av Jack Vance. Det har varit en trevlig och fartfylld läsning genom fyra böcker och det är med visst vemod jag nu lägger ifrån mig… 443 more words


Recently arrived review copies

Courtesy of Tor Books, Tim Pratt, PATHFINDER: LIAR’S ISLAND.

And courtesy of Gollancz, Peter Higgins’ WOLFHOUND CENTURY, RADIANT STATE, and TRUTH AND FEAR. Followed by Patricia McKillip’s THE FORGOTTEN BEASTS OF ELD, Adam Roberts’ BETE, Jack Vance’s NIGHT LAMP, Harry Harrison’s BILL THE GALACTIC HERO, and John Hornor Jacobs’ THE INCORRUPTIBLES.


Jack Vance, Servants of the Wankh (1969)

It has been a while since I last wrote a post in English. I do science for a living, so I think I can swing a fairly decent prose also in this non-native (and slightly bizarre) language when needed. 852 more words

Vance, Jack

Jack Vance, The Languages of Pao (1957)

Härom veckan hissade jag Jack Vance till SF-skyarna efter att ha läst hans fantasy-stinna verk Den döende jorden. Ungefär samtidigt slumpade det sig så att jag fick hem en ny Vance-bok i en laddning böcker inhandlade på nätet i lyckoruset efter en bättre middag. 672 more words