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Updates: Recent Science Fiction Acquisitions No. CXXXIII (Vance + Wolfe + Yarbro + Malzberg)

Two more novels via Carl V. Anderson over at Stainless Steel Droppings—thanks again!  … and two I’ve had laying around for a while.  My Malzberg solo SF novel (non-movie novelization) collection is complete! 428 more words

Science Fiction

A Very Long and Rambling Post About Morrowind, the Elder Scrolls and Maybe a Little Jack Vance

I’m a huge fan of the Elder Scrolls games and have talked about them at length both here and on the comments over at Rumors of War… 2,233 more words


Crossed Wires: Science Fiction

by Noel Villa

Salutations to all whose curiosity has led them to this segment called Crossed Wires, wherein a cheeky organism by the name of Noel Villa (writer, complainer, and enthusiast of the non-real with a penchant for baroque and romanticist stylings) shall herewith babble on about common misconceptions attributed to the genre loosely termed: Science fiction. 941 more words

Pillow Talk

The Gray Prince, Jack Vance

Where do I even start with this?

While I’m certain there are people who disagree with me (especially those who’ve given this book 1 star ratings in various places complaining about the ‘problematic’ themes), The Gray Prince is an amazing piece of science fiction that deserves a place in the High School curriculum somewhere between the Great Gatsby and The Things They Carried. 1,045 more words


Jack Vance, The Killing Machine (1964)

Time for The Killing Machine, number two in Jack Vance’s Demon Princes series. The gallant hero in this space-fantasy saga is Kirth Gersen, a man whose life is devoted to track down and kill the five Demon Princes responsible for the annihilation of his home planet. 528 more words


Short Reviews - Flashing Swords! #4: Barbarians and Black Magicians

I’m going to do something a little bit differently today. This won’t be a standard Short Review, because I’ll be taking on an entire collection in a single post. 1,877 more words


Reading diary, #8

Time once again to catch up on my recent reading. Which seems to have been all over the shop recently. I try to plan my reading but it never works. 1,985 more words