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August 28: Happy Birthday David Fincher and Jack Black

Director and producer David Fincher turns 55 today.  He began his film career working in the visual effects field; at Industrial Light and Magic in the early 1980s he worked on… 1,135 more words

Celebrity Birthdays

George R.R. Martin - Tuf Voyaging (1986) Review

  • Genre: science fiction
  • pages: 435
  • My rating: 6/10

Long before George R.R. Martin became a household name due to his great success with A Song of Ice and Fire… 1,062 more words


Vance and Norton and writing diversely

Over the weekend I dropped a piece at Castalia House comparing one aspect of Sterling Lanier’s Hiero’s Journey to a short story by Andre Norton. The long and short of it is that Norton’s use of “mind powers” was a lot more interesting and imaginative and magical than Lanier’s. 604 more words


An interview with Jack Vance

The other day I found an old radio interview of SFF grandmaster Jack Vance from 1976 and did a little bit of tweeting as I gave it a listen. 1,232 more words


Episode 4 - Jack Vance's "The Dying Earth" with special guest Gavin Norman

Special guest Gavin Norman (author of The Complete Vivimancer and Theorems & Thaumaturgy) joins us to discuss Jack Vance‘s The Dying Earth!

Jack Vance originally wrote the loosely connected stories that comprise The Dying Earth while serving in the United States Merchant Marine during World War II. 719 more words

Classic Scifi

Jack Vance Audiobook: he had been granted eternal life—but now he was living on borrowed time. Gavin Waylock had waited seven years for the scandal surrounding his former immortal self to be forgotten and had kept his identity concealed so that he could once again join the ranks of those who lived forever. 172 more words


Jack of Shadows by Roger Zelazny

I was a huge Zelazny fan when I was younger and read a great deal of his work. I even went so far as to stand in line at the old Recycle Books in San Jose to get an autographed copy of… 494 more words