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Spreading the (SFF) fever

Last weekend I met up with an old Japan-days buddy of mine, so my wife could take some belated wedding photos for him and his better half. 468 more words



The Averoigne Chronicles collects Clark Ashton Smith’s dark fantasy tales set in the titular fictional province in medieval France.

It’s my first purchase from Centipede Press who did a fantastic job producing the edition which has some gorgeous production features ranging from the quality of the physical book to the dramatic art that introduces each story. 531 more words


Madouc By Jack Vance

In many ways, the Lyonesse Trilogy consists of three threads which connect sometimes very tangentially. There is the competition between the various kingdoms, the conflict between the mages, and the quests into ‘fairyland’. 197 more words


The Green Pearl By Jack Vance

Though this book is called The Green Pearl, the pearl itself bookends the story, the vast bulk of which is devoted to Aillas’s efforts to defeat the Ska and Casimir’s political machinations. 162 more words


Book Recommendations: Language over Culture

I love recommending books to people, so I figured I might start doing it here in the form of curated lists- a group of recommendations all revolving around a central theme. 713 more words

Book Reviews

Thoughts on Star King

I’ve been accumulating so many reading materials of late that I had resolved to take a breather before buying anything else. I don’t think that’s going to hold, unfortunately. 641 more words


Folding Laundry, Jason Bourne, and Jack Vance

Had a pretty busy weekend. We’ve embarked one a large scale house cleanup as winter begins to peter out and the temperatures go up. With my arrival at the household we have way more clothes than we have space to keep them easily accessible, compared to when either of us lived on our own, so there’s been a lot of divvying things out into seasonal stacks and hopefully getting the winter garb boxed up and stacked in the next few weeks. 1,012 more words