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Lead Artist Update 8 - Picking up the slack

Hi guys, Jack is back in black with some fat stacks of content! Today is a rather depressing yet truth-filled update, unfortunately the co-artist we have on our team is not doing the all the job to the best of her ability for whatever reason i have to pick up the slack caused and started doing background art for the game, so i m sorry for the change in tone for this post like i normally do but i’m rather frustrated with this especially with the deadline coming up in the next few days for the game. 173 more words


Lead Artist Update 7 - Mini-game asset

Hi guys, Jack is back in black with some fat stacks of content! today we have some mini-game assets!

The mini-game is based off the very famous game “Space Invaders”, this is a mini-game that is to show off deleting viruses off a computer to show the player what it is like to join GlosCol’s internet security course. 119 more words


Lead Artist Update 6 - MORE CHARACTERS!

Hi guys, Jack is back in black with some fat stacks of content! We have two new characters here and some assets to go into the mini-game included in the game! 104 more words


DNCE's New Single - 'Kissing Strangers' to Premier April 14th

DNCE’s new single, “Kissing Strangers,” will have its world premier on Friday, April 14th.

The single will imapact radio starting April 18th.


DNCE Perform in Tokyo, Japan

DNCE performed at Studio Coast in Tokyo, Japan tonight.

DNCE took the stage infront of a crowd of nearly 2,500 fans. 269 more words


DNCE to Perform at OzFest in New York

DNCE are confirmed to be playing the third annual OzFest in New York on May 5th.

The concert is put on by the University of New York at Oswego at the Marano Campus Ice Arena. 27 more words


The Reunion (6)...

You can find earlier excerpts from The Reunion here.

Well, that barely there kiss had caught her by surprise. When did Brian Walsh get to be such a hottie, with… 771 more words

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