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Day 141: An elephant named Sally. Monday, April 22

The riders were eerily quiet until Jack boarded the Dude Bus wearing his ‘tiger’ coat.

“I’d punch him if he were a real tiger!” Ramsey touted. 474 more words


Jack Wilshere might join Man city at a cost of 30 million Euros

Transfer talks are gradually gaining steam ahead of this summer transfer window. Rumors gain credibility with time as we expect anything to happen when clubs start to sell and buy new players to enhance their squads. 44 more words

Jack Nicholson reacts to the new Joker

We’re sorry Jack, maybe it will all makes sense when the movie comes out.


Jack's Vacation!

After 10 years of faithful service Jack FM is going on vacation!

We get the feeling it’s more for the people we work with but hey, we’ll take it. 100 more words


Jack Stash: Gift Cards!

When you hear Jack talk about all that fun stuff, get ready to give your fingers a workout and text STASH to 96750. You instantly qualify to win the entire Stash for the week. 119 more words


Jacks first birthday party!

Yesterday, our wonderful friends and family members came out to help us celebrate Jack, and Grammys birthdays. (Jacks birthday is one day before his Grammy.) … 56 more words


Retreat (2011) Review: Making the Best of a Bad Situation

The film begins in a small cottage on a remote island off the coast of Scotland. Here, we see the driftwood of a turbulent marriage. Martin Kennedy (Cillian Murphy) and Kate (Thandie Newton) are not sleeping in the same bed, much less talking to one another. 481 more words