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Manga: Jackals

Here’s something I finished reading a number of years ago. Hopefully I haven’t forgotten too much.

Manga: Jackals 「ジャッカル」

Jackals is a mature, martial arts, action Seinen series written by Murata Shinya and drawn by Kim Hyung-Jin. 534 more words


Howl with the Jackals

It’s absolutely necessary… for individuals to go mad.. everyday if possible… and make it a habit.. a regular habit.. a habit as regular as the religiously devout disciplines himself to prayer… prayer possibly to prevent oneself from going insane…Perhaps the individual has a deep sensing of the chaotic world within him… possibly divergent chaotic worlds..worlds pulling him in different directions… Add relations into this brewing pot… Fearfully or hoping against hope.. 663 more words


Jumping Jackals

I’ve seen lots of jackals over the course of my safari travelling.  Mostly they either lie there and look at you for a bit, before heading off into the sunset, or just head off rather quickly.  207 more words

Entry #23: Jackals (Spoilers?)

The hero’s back is against a wall. He has no chance at a comeback. The enemy approaches; confident, victorious. He has the hero right where he wants him. 1,084 more words


When the Jackal Stole Time

The sun was high in the sky; you could tell it was almost noon.

The Jackal scowled at it. “Same as always,” he said to no-one in particular, and waited for the Gates to open. 1,565 more words


The Jackal's Feast

Painting by Richard Rensberry

There are dead
being counted
by Jeraldo
by Time Magazine’s
bad news men 96 more words


Walvis Bay - Flamingos, Seals and Sand...

A remote lighthouse at the end of a deserted, windswept beach filled with beautiful flamingos. Sound romantic? Our experience staying at the Pelican Point Lighthouse in Walvis Bay, Namibia was indeed romantic but with a few unexpected twists. 1,658 more words