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Police State Update

Robert Bates

By now I’m sure everyone has heard of Robert Bates. Mr. Bates was a volunteer sheriff’s deputy in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and is now charged with involuntary manslaughter for the death of Eric Harris after allegedly… 901 more words


Lagniappe - April 2015


Tax Day

Today is Tax Day here in the US (it is not yet, however, Tax Freedom Day). To commemorate the occasion, I thought it would be worthwhile to reflect on a story that appeared in February of this year. 202 more words


Menos Marx, Mais Mises

Hundreds of thousands of protesters have taken to the streets in Brazil to express their outrage over the Petrobras scandal. Petrobras is the state-controlled oil company there, and is accused of a multi-million dollar bribery scheme involving over thirty politicians. 260 more words


A-to-Z Challenge -- Letter J

Astraeus Earth Force Station, 2115 A.D.

By 6:00 am, Davies’ team still hadn’t located the Makaa. Every tent had been tossed, the few “businesses” down there had been searched, but they’d come up empty. 2,268 more words