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[Review] 'Jackals' is a Bloody and Violent Home Invasion Thriller

From bloody-disgusting.com – Home invasion films are a great subgenre of the horror world, largely due to the fact that the premise is so simple. It’s a basic man-in-the-box plot ….


FrightFest Day Three

By Anna Novitzky

Saturday is when I start to feel the burn of FrightFest: I’ve already watched so many films that my eyes are starting to cross, and there are still three days to go. 1,254 more words



JACKALS (2017)

Jackals opens in 1983 with a chilling murder of a family in the middle of the night. The film then switches to the kidnaping of a young man, Justin (Ben Sullivan) by two masked individuals. 499 more words

Horror You Might Have Missed

Jackals (2017)

After the Powells hire a cult deprogrammer to take back their teenage son from a murderous cult, they find themselves under siege when the cultists surround their cabin, demanding the boy back. 22 more words


Watchin' Stuff

Despite the title giving me a grammatical itch, this was actually a pretty good movie. It’s sold as a near-future murder mystery involving memory recording tech that’s slightly reminiscent of… 918 more words


Review: Jackals Is An Eerie Look Into The Meaning Of Family

This is one of those titles that just snuck up on America. Not much advertising, no official trailers in theatres, just word of mouth and a bit of research online. 845 more words