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Into the Ngorongoro Crater

The day dawned mostly clear, with a few cottony clouds as we descended to the park entrance near the crater floor. Rutted dirt roads made for an extremely bumpy ride — I’ve started referring to it as the Tanzanian Back Rub! 415 more words

Jaini's African Adventures | Chobe, Botswana (Part I)

The bus had stopped at the banks of a river and everyone, but I, hopped out. I glanced out of the window just in time to see some local Zambians putting our luggage, oh and there goes my dismantled wheelchair and the packed battery crate into a small boat. 1,914 more words


Morning Walk by Guru_Hegde

Jackals crossing during a morning walk in a dense foggy morning .

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There is a campsite in the Serengeti

There is a campsite in the Serengeti where the lions arrive at night. They sleep under the tourists’ vehicles, where it’s warm, and when the tourists see them in the morning they are afraid to leave their tents and have their breakfast, just in case the lions are yet to have theirs. 379 more words


For you.

For the evil that was done to you, one day the universe will present the bill to these despicable jackals.

Manga: Jackals

Here’s something I finished reading a number of years ago. Hopefully I haven’t forgotten too much.

Manga: Jackals 「ジャッカル」

Jackals is a mature, martial arts, action Seinen series written by Murata Shinya and drawn by Kim Hyung-Jin. 534 more words


Howl with the Jackals

It’s absolutely necessary… for individuals to go mad.. everyday if possible… and make it a habit.. a regular habit.. a habit as regular as the religiously devout disciplines himself to prayer… prayer possibly to prevent oneself from going insane…Perhaps the individual has a deep sensing of the chaotic world within him… possibly divergent chaotic worlds..worlds pulling him in different directions… Add relations into this brewing pot… Fearfully or hoping against hope.. 663 more words