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Being An Athlete vs Being Jacked

Seattle Seahawks punter Jon Ryan participated recently in American Ninja Warrior. NFL punters recently have been bragging how they are athletes. Right. Just because you are jacked does not make you an athlete. 73 more words


How to get shredded quickly.

1. Don’t cut calories too far under maintenance
Obviously there needs to be caloric deficit in order to lose bodyfat, but too many people are dropping down way too low. 1,319 more words


Jacked by David Kushner – the Rockstar Games & GTA Story

I’m well aware of the regularity of opening a blog post by saying how much I loved David Kushner’s Masters of Doom; the story of id Software’s struggles to produce landmark games against a backdrop of censorship and developing technologies in the 1990s, so when I found a book by the same author about the minds which brought you the… 558 more words

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Power Of Social Media

I was doing a brief for DandAD (the WWF one in particular) where we had to come up with a campaign to inspire a new generation using alternative techniques. 128 more words

Jacked (part 3)

I could see through the broken break light that we had entered the slum parts of the city. Its boundaries were easily distinguished by the increasing levels of dirt and darkness. 934 more words


Jacked (part 2)

My Rasputin of a delivery boy took off again at break neck speed muttering with rising hysteria about dumping me as soon as humanly possible. I think Del had about as much appreciation for these ramblings as I did because shortly after the radio was turned on; drowning out any possible chances of conversation. 1,100 more words