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Vertigo Announced 12 New Series for This Year, Realizing Promising Revamp

We have been waiting for this since late 2014 when it was announced that Jamie S. Rich, the new Vertigo editor, would be revamping and revitalizing the imprint. 513 more words


Well that fucking suxs for other people

Dear bike thief so sorry you got muscled back for my bike, it’s more funny that a 65 year old lady jacked you eat a dick asshole that bike is so easy to spot! 101 more words


Since the accident.

Today I finally got to clear to start training and working out again. Got my bike fixed and have my first ride tomarrow since the accident. 15 more words


This dude thought he was giving out free tickets to the gun show, but then the woman behind him stood up

It’s not good for your pride when you get “weight roomed” by the lady behind you at the football game, but that’s exactly what happened to this fan at a Philadelphia Soul game this month. 110 more words


Being An Athlete vs Being Jacked

Seattle Seahawks punter Jon Ryan participated recently in American Ninja Warrior. NFL punters recently have been bragging how they are athletes. Right. Just because you are jacked does not make you an athlete. 73 more words


How to get shredded quickly.

1. Don’t cut calories too far under maintenance
Obviously there needs to be caloric deficit in order to lose bodyfat, but too many people are dropping down way too low. 1,319 more words


Jacked by David Kushner – the Rockstar Games & GTA Story

I’m well aware of the regularity of opening a blog post by saying how much I loved David Kushner’s Masters of Doom; the story of id Software’s struggles to produce landmark games against a backdrop of censorship and developing technologies in the 1990s, so when I found a book by the same author about the minds which brought you the… 558 more words

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