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Sundance Diary, Day 5: 'Manifesto,' 'The Polka King,' 'Lemon,' 'Tell Them We Are Rising'

PARK CITY, UTAH: Julian Rosefeldt’s Manifesto – which exists as both a video art installation and a feature film, the latter premiering yesterday at Sundance – banks on a daring and risky big idea: decades’ worth of manifestos by artists of all stripes, brought to life by Cate Blanchett in something like a dozen different personas (we reviewed the installation of the same name in New York). 1,359 more words


Jacki Weaver on Sex Scene With Jason Schwartzman in 'The Polka King': 'It Was Fabulous!' (Watch)

If you think sex scenes may be awkward, you’re wrong. Just ask Jacki Weaver.

“It was fabulous! It was fantastic,” the Oscar-nominated actress told Variety… 309 more words


LAST CAB TO DARWIN (2015): The Thing I Liked…

Directed by Jeremy Sims, Last Cab To Darwin is the story of a terminally ill man called Rex, a man who’s determined to die on his own terms and away from a hospital. 221 more words


Magic in the Moonlight - Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)


A man, who is a magician for a living, falls under the spell of a young girl while trying to debunk her claims of being a psychic medium. 654 more words


Retro Review: The Removalists

The Removalists

Written by David Morgan-Brown

“The screenplay here is one of a few examples of what makes (or what should make) David Williamson a key figure of Australian cinema.” 960 more words


Haunt (2014) Review

One from the to watch pile…
Haunt (2014)

Film: On occasion, I’ll pick up a scary movie based on just name in the credits. Honestly, it rarely is a good choice, and I have been burnt by several latter-day Argento flicks, for example. 678 more words


The Voices - Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)


A young man, whose best friends are his pets, decides he is going to be socially active and ask out a girl from accounting. Leading to a fun night which goes horribly wrong, and leads to him not making the best decisions from that night on. 618 more words