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The Voices

Jerry, a man with a dark past, struggles to find happiness between the lonely reality he lives in and the schizophrenic world he has created in his head. 302 more words

Horror Weekly

Picnic at Hanging Rock

A field trip from an Australian girls’ school to the nearby geographical landmark of Hanging Rock on Valentine’s Day in the year 1900 goes awry when four students separate from the rest of their class to go exploring the rock. 759 more words


Last Cab to Darwin

“We knew from really early on that we needed to do the trip, we had about 18 flat tyres – it was an extraordinary adventure.” 340 more words


The Voices (2014)

Without a doubt there are some minor spoilers in sight.

There is probably a lot to tell about The Voices but at the moment it feels like most of it is indescribable. 721 more words


Blunt Talk

Here’s a new featurette to promote Sir Patrck Stewart’s TV series, Blunt Talk.

The show debuts on US TV network Starz in August and is co-created by Seth MacFarlane. 62 more words


The Voices (2015)

Movie Review #7

The Voices (2015)

Director: Marjane Strapi

Writer: Michael R. Perry

Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Gemma Arteton, Anna Kendrick & Jacki Weaver

Genre: Comedy, Crime, Thriller. 780 more words

Movie Review

Silver Linings Playbook

I watched this film because of Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence and I went into it not expecting to like it but I really, really did. 179 more words