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Her's Day Thursday

I’ve got such a cool chick to tell you about for today’s HtH!

Jacqueline Cochran (born May 11, 1906 in Pensacola, FL) was an amazing pilot. 220 more words

Piper Leo, less than 6 Degrees of Separation in my cockpit

It all started with a simple phone call. ” Do you still give airplane rides?”

Nancy called me from down near Ludlow, VT. She had a dear friend who was turning 87, and wanted as a surprise to treat her to a flight. 753 more words


Women of Aviation

Aviatrixes have jumped into the cockpit since the Wright brothers invented the flyer in 1903.  Bessica Raiche who is credited as the “First Woman Aviator of America” flew for the first time in October 1910.  843 more words


Why we fly

I recently flew into Jackie Cochran airport near Palm Springs and with the recent news coverage of looking for Amelia Earhart in the South Pacific, decided to write about aviators.  373 more words


Head of the WASP Program Jackie Cochran Still Inspires Women Today

The desert Earth rotated smoothly under the Cessna 152’s wings as Thermal, California moved ever closer.  Most women pilots really hope to land in a place with a sense of security and a certain level of accommodation, at least  a clean restroom.  264 more words


Famous Women You've Never Heard Of #5 - Jackie Cochran

Oh sure, we’ve all heard of Amelia Earhart  – and even before the recent movie, many people would at least recognize her name as a famous aviatrix. 309 more words