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Oscar Watch: The Birth of a Nation

Just one day after the Sundance Film Festival gave us our first 2016 Oscar contender with Manchester by the Sea, the second landed today in a very big way. 151 more words


A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

(Netflix DVD Rental, Rated R, Running Time: 95 minutes)

When teenagers begin dying in Springwood they soon realize it’s at the hands of the burned madman that haunts their nightmares. 373 more words

A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010)

About halfway through this remake of the 1984 classic, my wife turned to me and said “I reckon this film would be more interesting if it turned out Freddy was innocent”. 1,142 more words


Jackie Earle Haley Discusses 'Criminal Activities,' His Directorial Debut

Jackie Earle Haley has been acting since his youth in the early ’70s, becoming well known for his role as Kelly Leak in The Bad News Bears… 1,215 more words


Criminal Activities (2015): Travolta Lost in Mediocrity

John Travolta is fun to watch. Let’s get that out of the way. He steadfastly refuses to accept that time is a thing and has affect on all things living or not, continuing on as if he were convinced that it is still 1994. 888 more words

Z: The Films

Film Review: ‘Criminal Activities’ 

John Travolta as a charismatic gangster in an impeccably tailored suit. Casual references to Marcel Proust and quantum physics. An outrageously byzantine plot orchestrated around a big twist ending. 633 more words


Interviews: John Travolta & Jackie Earle Haley

Travolta and Haley talked with us about their new film: “Criminal Activities.”

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