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15 Minutes of Fame

One of the coolest things about independent musicians is that they use the most innovative and engaging ideas to create, curate and share their music. … 526 more words


Mouse in the house

Today was an usual day that involved plenty of internet and of course textbooks. However in the ratio of textbooks to internet the latter was greater! 452 more words

YouTube: Teens Tell Their Story Project

In my 8th grade, there was a sudden phenomenon that hit the school. Everyone was trying to be the cool kid by talking about the aforementioned thing. 455 more words

Teen Life

Favorite Youtubers | Fadeintoview


I always mention here how addicted I am to YouTube and how much I adore youtubers, so I thought  it was finally time for me to do a post on my favorite ones. 291 more words


I believe in not making assumptions about other people. What do you believe in?


Learn it from Asya: Lesson 2

Hey guys I’ve got a question for you.

What do you believe in? It can be anything but, before you tell me (write in comments) watch this amazing video created by an astounding content creator named JacksGap! 252 more words


JacksGap's New Video and a Fan Group Chat This Week

In case you’re not familiar with YouTube legends JacksGap, now’s the time to get onboard. We recently partnered with Jack and Finn in a little (and absolutely wonderful) thing called “The Collaboration Project”. 235 more words

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