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JacksGap and their online persona

The new concept of ‘micro-celebrity’ through the use of social media has led to many ordinary people becoming some-what famous due to their online presence. One example of this is the YouTube account “JacksGap” that was started in July 2011 and now has over 4 Million subscribers. 87 more words


Youtubers that Inspire Me


I have known Casey for a while now but only this year did I truly became happy every time he uploaded a video. More recently, Casey began vlogging and it’s amazing. 263 more words



Hey there, i know im not great at writing on here..but i will improve soon. I hope you have been lovely thus far.

So, i am here to rant again about how much i really want to travel and again it was caused by watching more travel vloggers on YouTube. 494 more words


What do you believe in?

Recently, a YouTube channel by the name of JacksGap asked their viewers a very simple yet perplexing question. They asked,”What do you believe in?” In the past, they’ve made collaboration videos with individuals from all over the world featuring the questions “What do you fear?” and “What do you love?” The videos consist of people of diverse backgrounds answering the questions about the things they love, the things they fear, and everything in between. 277 more words


Finn Goes to College!

We’ve noticed that Finn Harries has been in NY for awhile now. Rumors began to circulate that he started going to college, causing JacksGap 358 more words

Friday's Fascinations: RB is Back!

Quote of the Week: “Worse things happen at sea” -Cressida Bonas

After a couple weeks off, I’m back! And I’ve got some serious ground to cover, as there has been a lot of cool stuff going on in entertainment while I’ve been away. 407 more words

My Bucket List

Before 30, there are I few things I want to get done. and when I say I want to get them done, I mean have a bucket list. 459 more words